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  1. 1957. With my dad. Stood in the old wooden stand later demolished to build the Dolman stand
  2. Ah were was Jesus. When they needed him
  3. Ha ha they couldn’t even score a penalty
  4. Will he reset the goals for target ? Was the target something like 96 ?
  5. He will probably reset the goals, for target.... was it 96 !!!
  6. So you’re professional footballer How much do you earn in a week Yet you really can’t be arsed to to do the job your paid to do
  7. Supported the club for 63 years, seen lots of good stuff, much more bad stuff.. But this is total shit.
  8. O no Tisdale gone Is this the sags new definition of new manager bounce !! ah well , you can’t polish a turd, let alone eleven of them
  9. Don’t let Wells and Fam come out for the second half. Give someone else a chance .
  10. My mate said it seemed like we started on fire. We did but the wood is too wet
  11. We need signals.,like the tic tack guy at the racecourse .that will confuse them.
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