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  1. When my grandfather used to take me to AG he would insist in getting into the ground more than an hour before kick off and then leave 5 minutes before the end of the match! I would normally stay until final whistle and still beat him back to the car! He was in his 80s though.
  2. Thanks all. Will be interesting to see how many we take up there on Wednesday. From what I recall from the ticket options it was standing, the choice being covered or uncovered!
  3. Will be my first visit to the New Lawn on Wednesday night. Has anyone got any advice for good parking spots, I believe it's a bit restricted up there which is one of the reason's they are looking to build a new ground near the M5 junction. Looks like the local school offer parking for a small cost so could be the best option.
  4. We seem to consistently struggle at home against teams in the lower third, I just don't understand it.
  5. My Great Grandfather an Army veteran of South Africa and India in the 1890s was bombed out his home in Bedminster, whilst his younger brother, having served in the First World War was an ARP warden in Clifton. My Grandfather worked out at Filton airfield as a carpenter and among the more interesting projects was involved in constructing dummy airfields for the Germans to waste their bombs on, he finished his career involved with Concorde.
  6. According to someone on the WBA forum we were awful
  7. I assume I can come out from behind the sofa now?
  8. The match thread on their forum is a good read.
  9. Yep...5-0 up with 3 minutes to go and I'd still be nervous.
  10. Perhaps I should have factored in a potential play off final when booking a holiday this year.
  11. Home games must be Man Utd in 2017 and the 3-2 win over Rovers in December 2000 - going a goal down inside 30 seconds! I've only been to handful of away games so I'll have to pick the only one that we won, Cheltenham in the LDV the season we did the double.
  12. My Great Grandfather was born near Devizes in 1879 and moved to Bristol after leaving the Army in 1905. He lived in Coronation Road and other addresses in Bedminster but was bombed out in WW2. He and his five brothers all followed City and I believe may have been at the 1909 Cup Final. My Grandmother, born in 1911 was childhood friends with the daughter of the City supporter who died when falling from a train returning from the 1909 final.
  13. we've been more of a danger to ourselves tonight than Ipswich have.
  14. Be good to get a 2nd before half time and settle it down a bit. Be criminal if we don't take 3 points tonight.
  15. Coverage on the Sky red button was a little behind the forum so I read it was a penalty whilst on TV we were still in our own half! Think I've now worn out the refresh button trying to find out if it had gone in before it was even taken on the TV
  16. Apparently he doesn't really like that lot up the road at the Memorial Ground either.
  17. Hope you're not driving home at the same time....or on the bus.
  18. How many games now in all comps on this winning streak, also how many games in all comps since our last defeat. Long may it continue!
  19. Nice to see the prices frozen. Wonder if it's to attract more people in seeing as it's an awkward kick off time for some.
  20. I was on an overnight trip to Blackburn for work last year and stayed in the hotel opposite the station and ended up in Spoons. I had planned to try a local pub but the only one I found contained five elderly looking gentlemen starting at a TV that was turned off. When I walked back past several hours later they were still in the same position and the TV was still off.
  21. Seem to usually have the game live on screens for rugby in the Millennium Stadium - I often catch myself watching the screen instead of the pitch.
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