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  1. I wonder if we have anything else up our sleeve, ahead of tomorrow's deadline.
  2. For what it's worth, Pearson has a fantastic history of signing former Manchester United academy players. Drinkwater, Simpson, Lingard, Brady, Keane, Chester etc.. to name a few.
  3. That was a special performance. You can see the unity amongst this squad. We battled all the way through and got the reward. Loved the attitude we showed the equaliser as well. Took it in our stride and went straight back at them. Up the city!
  4. Exactly. Pearson is too switched on for Gregor's method of questioning.
  5. The difference between interviews is that Gregor has a tendancy to push his own opinion into questions.... "This game comes as the third in six days, do you think there’s some tiredness creeping in to some of the forward players? Chris [Martin] and Andi [Weimann] have come back off long term injuries so if you play this game later on in the season and they’re a bit fresher, maybe you take those opportunities?" Or... "You scored three in your last game and clearly Martin and Andi [Weimann] are very impressive, is it a case of getting that consistency in their finishing?" These two questions almost completely contradict eachother. The first question Gregor suggests that Martin and Weimann may need a rest, whilst the second implies that they have been very impressive. That's the difference between the interviews. Gregor feeds his opinion into questions, often in the hope of getting a reaction and this therefore makes the question quite long-winded. The club channels approach to questions is often along the lines of... "Nigel, a tough result tonight, What can you take from this game?" Straightforward and to the point.
  6. So many positives from the performance so far. Fluid football, something we haven't seen for some time. If we keep playing as we are, the goal will come. Swansea aren't causing us many problems. Their goal proved what a natural finisher can do. We are still well in this.
  7. Pearson is building a togetherness in this squad, last night's performance demonstrated that. Experienced players like Martin, Weimann, James, King, Bentley, Kalas and Simpson formed a solid core to the team last night. Add in the energy from Dasilva, Pring Scott, Atkinson and that proved to be a hardworking team, who were on the front foot for most of the game. The comment from Pearson indicates that he may want some players out the door. My guess would be Wells or Bakinson. The comment about 'the moody ones aren't taking their chances' narrows it down. Pearson singled out Baker for praise, stating that Baker's response to being left out was positive and was happy to try out at left back. That's the attitude that Pearson wants in this squad. All stepping up and helping out wherever possible, a united squad, and no individuals. Certainly seemed to get a response out of Kalas as well last night. I thought he did very well.
  8. No need for Massengo to go chasing him there. Just needed to hold shape and force a mistake. Massengo opened up far too much space.
  9. Great play all round! Alex Scott did brilliantly, set himself to shoot, sold the defender and a great assist. Weimann did really well in the initial play and showed composure with the finish. Much better from city tonight!
  10. Get in!! Chris Martin putting in a great performance so far.
  11. Good early signs here. Much improved from the weekend.
  12. I feel there's a bit of an overreaction to Pearson's comments. He was asked about how he felt the Centre Backs performed, and he stated that he felt Kalas played well. Gregor was the one to prompt the response about Moore. Pearson's response was again clear, he felt Kalas performed well. He didn't single Moore out in any way. In fact, Gregor was the one to do so. Moore seems like a great guy, who is polite and respectful. However, from a playing point of view, he hasn't taken his opportunities when presented with them. He signed 5 years ago, and is still 4th choice. He was the England youth team captain when he signed and simply hasn't fulfilled his potential. He's a player that you really want to see do well because he comes across as a likeable character. However, after being here for 5 years, it seems abit too comfortable. I believe a move away would do him the world of good and he may push for a starting place at another club, but I feel he will have to drop down to League One to do so. In regards to the squad as a whole, Pearson wants players to stand up and be counted, and anyone not up to the task will be moved on. We need to generate funds for new players, and some seem to be making Pearson's decision much easier, whether that be with their performances or their mentality (Nagy asking to leave etc.). We are still very much in a transitional phase, and the re-build is far from complete. We still require a mass overhaul of this squad in order to compete, and it won't happen overnight. There are times when Pearson's comments can come across as arrogant or rude, but I actually appreciate the openness and honesty. We have been fed lies and false hopes in years gone by from the likes of Johnson and Ashton. Performances and results obviously need to improve, but we must still remember that Pearson will not play nice all the time, nor should he have to in order to complete the project he has been tasked with.
  13. That's a fantastic finish from Janneh. The youngsters are certainly knocking on the door. Some could easily become regular starters as the season goes on.
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