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  1. Off the top of my head, the only penalties I can remember us having in recent years are: - Martin v Coventry - Wells v Norwich - Diedhiou v QPR Other than that, I don't recall any others.
  2. If anyone saw the O'nien (Sunderland) challenge tonight, you'll fully agree with Nige's statements about the standard of refereeing. Shambolic.
  3. It truly is laughable. During our League One double season under Cotts, I sat towards the back of the Dolman. There was a guy in the row behind me, and all he did was moan every single game. Criticizing each and every player. He spent half of the Swindon game slating Wilbraham, then grumbled (instead of celebrating) when he scored. Imagine, One of our most enjoyable seasons as a football club, and all you do is turn up to moan at the players. Even more amusingly, he left before we lifted the trophy, after the 8-2 win over Walsall. Baffled at times as to why some people even call themselves fans. I can guarantee he's one of the first to start a new topic on here after a bad result.
  4. One of his best games for us tonight. He was unplayable. His energy, combined with the composure he showed in possession, and the pressure he put on Luton when pressing. He was superb. Long may it continue.
  5. Every decision was spot on tonight. He was the calmest person in the stadium, and needs to take credit for the game-plan. He worked out Luton's strengths, and created a plan to nullify them. Big credit to Nige and the coaching staff tonight. The players out in the performance, but the coaching staff certainly had an impact. Great to see the unity amongst the squad as well. I loved seeing the defence praise eachother after every clearance/tackle.
  6. I cannot wait to hear Nathan Jones' interview. He's extremely angry at the best of times.
  7. Every player was excellent tonight. There's a case for all of them. Nice to see the likes of Naismith, Massengo and Vyner make positive strides tonight. All three was superb for the full 90 minutes. Even the subs came on and made impacts. Joe Williams charging 40/50 yards to press, and makes a challenge. Love the aggression he has to his game.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: Peter Kay announced as referee for Sunday's severnside Derby. The EFL wanted to ensure they continue to hire Comedians to referee Bristol City matches.
  9. What a performance. What a response. Every player to a man was excellent tonight. Played with passion, and a desire to win. The team selection was superb and we executed the game plan perfectly. Up the city!!!
  10. Referees need to start being interviewed after games like the managers are. They need to be held accountable for their decisions.
  11. That's an absolute disgrace from the ref! Another penalty not given, and keen as you like to send Sykes off. We received an apology today for the officiating at the Hull match. I'd expect another very soon!
  12. Conway is going to be some player for us. He links the play well, and his positioning inside the box is excellent. Great goal, very similar to the one against Wigan on Saturday. Massengo did very well to find Weimann, and the assist from Andi was perfect.
  13. Nakhi deserves that! Wells and Conway look like a very good partnership. They understand eachothers game so well. Alex Scott's passing from central positions is fantastic.
  14. They relied on loans last season, so have been somewhat forced into buying a large quantity of players this summer. I've been impressed with the quality of their signings. Dennis and Kouyate signed last night. Maupay (Brighton) and Frueller (Atalanta) set to sign also. Linked to Aouar (Lyon) and Sow (Frankfurt) today, who are both central midfielders. They look very dangerous so far today, and could surprise a few this season. Their fans are well up for it as well. Think they could do with an extra Centre back and Left back though.
  15. My word that was a difficult watch. No desire at all to win that game. We looked beat the second their goal went in. Too many passengers today.
  16. First corner of the game, in the 88th minute, and we play it short. Get it in the box and hope someone gets on the end of it.
  17. First 15 mins we were brilliant. Since then we've produced nothing.
  18. Brilliant team goal!! Tommy Conway take a bow, that pass was fantastic. Weimann is on fire.
  19. I think it's just a step in the right direction, and a nice boost that shows the players at the club are capable of those types of performances. Great to see that we can make 5 changes and have players challenge for places. All players who can into the side made an impact and put themselves in the frame for the Wigan game.
  20. We made 5 changes ourselves, so the arguement goes both ways.
  21. A couple of interesting points: - Conway is knocking on the door, early in the season. Could get an opportunity at some point. - Weimann in the '10' position offers us much more when we are out of possession. He can drop into the midfield to be the extra body. - Wilson at Right-Wing Back offers more of a balance between attack and defence. - Scott in the '8' position may be required during James' absence. I wouldnt be surprised to see Saturday's starting XI look like: Bentley Wilson, Vyner, Naismith, Atkinson, Dasilva Williams, Scott Weimann Martin, Conway - I don't think Sykes has done anything wrong, but bringing in Wilson might help shore up the defence. - Sykes may start in the '10' position, allowing Weimann to play as a striker.
  22. 4 goals for city on a Wednesday night against a decent championship side, and into the next round of the cup. - Competition for places heating up, and players proving their value to the club. - An academy product scoring twice. - And a dominant performance from start to finish. Yet some describe us as "a mess". Too all the fans who stayed positive - enjoy that one, and let's look forward to the next one on Saturday. And too all the negative 'fans' - there doesn't seem to be much noise coming from you tonight... Up the City!!
  23. Pring gave a really good account of himself tonight. When he's in form, he can push Dasilva all the way. And likewise for Jay. We need that healthy competition within the squad, where players aren't comfortable that they will be starting every week. Conway's goals will also keep the frontline on their toes (although they are all in-form themselves). Competition for places within a small squad could do wonders for results/performances moving forward.
  24. In his pre-game press conference, Nige mentioned that two players were suffering with illness this week. My obvious guess would be Klose and Martin. Both should be fine for Saturday.
  25. Making a statement tonight! Some big individual performances as well.
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