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  1. I can’t single one out. They were all 8/9 out of 10. We have set a benchmark. An amazing night
  2. Best game in a city shirt for Wells. Great game
  3. Didn’t really see that but looked like Freeman provoked the scrum with the push.
  4. Think I enjoyed that half of football more than I can remember for a long while. Nice pint at half time too. COYR
  5. Radio ? Who listens to Radio anymore ?
  6. Very nice on a presentation. Go and execute all of that on a tight budget with players that don’t really want to be at the club. What you have described is reaching peak Football Manager - not reality
  7. Think the bigger issue are the 10 lazy bastards behind Ronaldo..
  8. He won the league in his last season and has never passed judgement on the managers since him. Very weird analysis Where Man U have gone wrong is crap ownership and shit recruitment. F all to do with SAF
  9. If the really think having SAF in the stands is the problem you haven’t been watching
  10. No. He went up there 200 miles away to take photos of the stadium, inside and out, on a match day then came home. He even bought a ticket to photograph.
  11. Looks like it’s moved left (as you drive in) up to the health centre so quite a big change
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