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  1. I wouldn’t **** about. Get an electrician in
  2. I enjoyed that. Laws and Itoje amazing and as for AWJ - to play 80 mins after the injury - an utter legend.
  3. This is like whack-a-mole. Just when one disappears another one pops up.
  4. Im not getting into a debate with a total nutjob. I dont have the patience. All i will say is inform yourself better, or you will be excluded from the good things in life.
  5. Covid has changed the world. Feel free not to take the vaccine, but you wont be able to go anywhere / do anything. Prepare yourself for a very boring existence all because you are misinformed. That's on you, not the govt, not corrupt scientists - that's all on you.
  6. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them which is a depressing thought.
  7. As ive said before : Stupid People - Guaranteed to **** it up for the rest of us
  8. On the plus side they have a ginge dressed like a knob playing live halfway through
  9. Aside from the graphics and different overs it’s just T20. Pointless tbh
  10. Government funding allover the world sorted that particular problem out I.e tax money not private pharma company profit
  11. Red Bull acting like ******* here. A racing incident and trying to portray it that LH tried to kill Max. OTT
  12. Porthtowan is great. Many happy memories in the tidal pool when the kids were tiny.
  13. No way will it happen for one reason. Money FIFA/UEFA/IOC are money making machines (interestingly all HQ'd in Switzerland.......)
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