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  1. You mean they cook their books. The others in the mix have parachute payments Its just maths mate.
  2. I’d give it a miss if I were you. It’s normally posters calling each other ****** ***** randomly. Poster 1 “You are a ***” Poster 2 “Yeah, well you are an even bigger ***”
  3. 5 ready made players in January and other clubs wanting to buy KP, COD etc? Ill have some of what you are smoking
  4. Pato was one of our best performing players, but then had an illness i remember. Took him a long time to get better, but in LJ's last season he was literally our best player and the only player with any creativity. You only have to see his recent performances to see his talent. Palmer has not shown anything like Paterson. If Pato is inconsistent what does that make KP? Glad to see Pato doing well, and seems to be really enjoying it. Shame its not with us, as we could really do with that type of creativity now
  5. Sod this. Wet and cold and pissed off . **** off
  6. I have two tickets for ENG vs AUS on 30/10 at the T20 world cup, in Dubai going spare, as i can no longer travel DM me if interested
  7. Yeah it was horrible. The Cumberland basin was jammed for ages and loads of road rage. I’ll be getting AG2 again
  8. What a game for Pato today and loved the goal celebration.
  9. Do you think he will be that bothered? Another nice payoff and bide his time for the next job. Clubs will always be tempted by MM
  10. I wonder how much the sea level rises when @Bat Fastardgoes for a swim in the sea ?
  11. Not a clue but that Victoria Coren Mitchell would seriously get it
  12. It will be like Man City when they bought Robinho. It will take them a good few years to get serious but even then recruitment won’t be easy. The top players will always be more tempted by Mancland, Liverpool and London clubs
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