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  1. Pato was one of our best performing players, but then had an illness i remember. Took him a long time to get better, but in LJ's last season he was literally our best player and the only player with any creativity. You only have to see his recent performances to see his talent. Palmer has not shown anything like Paterson. If Pato is inconsistent what does that make KP? Glad to see Pato doing well, and seems to be really enjoying it. Shame its not with us, as we could really do with that type of creativity now
  2. Sod this. Wet and cold and pissed off . **** off
  3. I have two tickets for ENG vs AUS on 30/10 at the T20 world cup, in Dubai going spare, as i can no longer travel DM me if interested
  4. Yeah it was horrible. The Cumberland basin was jammed for ages and loads of road rage. I’ll be getting AG2 again
  5. What a game for Pato today and loved the goal celebration.
  6. Do you think he will be that bothered? Another nice payoff and bide his time for the next job. Clubs will always be tempted by MM
  7. I wonder how much the sea level rises when @Bat Fastardgoes for a swim in the sea ?
  8. Not a clue but that Victoria Coren Mitchell would seriously get it
  9. It will be like Man City when they bought Robinho. It will take them a good few years to get serious but even then recruitment won’t be easy. The top players will always be more tempted by Mancland, Liverpool and London clubs
  10. To be fair im not religious, but i have to say God has played a blinder in sending Joey to the Mem. The omnipotent one is a Red Barton is a proper nutter, and frankly i dont think there is a better match for comedy value.
  11. I read somewhere due to running profits the last few seasons, they can spend 200M and still be within FFP. That is still miles away from the Mancs /Liv/Chelski
  12. Well, he has left Newcastle virtually debt free, and when they got relegated he coughed up his own money to pay the wages, and they came straight back up. Had they not been promoted it could have been another Sunderland. I don't think his management of the club was as bad as some portray. A lot of the dislike from him was the "cockney mafia" stuff. He doesn't have a good public image either but i take your points about the stadium and training ground.
  13. I know Ashley comes off as a knob, but he kept Newcastle stable. When Newcastle fans moan about him, what they are really saying is he didnt spend his personal fortune on the club. Its the same argument you get on here from some about our own SL.
  14. I manage the ME In my job. KSA is a well run country nowadays and opening up. To suggest they on a par with Iraq etc is ignorance.
  15. Saudi is opening up. What better way to advertise than through the PL. Geordies might get a shock when they fly into Riyadh for a piss up mind...#nohandsleftforclapping
  16. 30/50ths and 40/60ths means you have worked for 70 years ! To get 30 50ths you need to have worked for 30 years, and then you get 3 fifths of your final salary. What do you really mean? 3/50ths and 4/60ths? i,e 7 years worked?
  17. Had a Rovers supporter in my house the other day cleaning my oven. Nice enough, but totally thick tbh. Said Barton is doing a "root and branch" overhaul of the club and he predicted championship football in 3 years. Still a "big fanbase" blah blah. Totally deluded. At times i had to disappear into another room as i didnt want to get hysterical, but **** me. I asked him if Barton being in Jail would mess up the 3 year plan and he kind of froze, like the Windows blue screen of death. Once he rebooted he shrugged it off and claimed it was probably made up, and if true "he would be inside already". Clearly misunderstanding the law and order process there mate. Did a good job on the oven mind
  18. The Burger Bus is decent. Travels around the local area, and always sells out. Bet the bloke is making a killing http://www.burgerbus.co.uk/ Their Beef and Chorizo burger is lush.
  19. Agreed. Cannot stand Newcastle. Lopsided stadium with delusions of grandeur. Could well go down this season, which would not go down well in Riyadh.
  20. What do you reckon is happening then lads?
  21. It’s the beginning of the end I tell you. If cat videos on YouTube won’t load I reckon it’s nuclear war within 24 hrs
  22. He had a very good job at BP. Literally started for then aged 16 and retired at 56. He deffo earned it as he spent a long time away from home in not so nice places.
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