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  1. Who ever thought putting Dan Bentley back was a step forward. It's back to hoof ball again and the ball comes back at us. Crazy
  2. More importantly, it's shutting down the sack Nige crap that destabilises the feeling that we are going in the right direction. It takes time to clear out people who aren't on the bus so to speak and to bring in players who fit our system. Just back the players and Manager we will get there
  3. Good to see most of us a accept Fulham were a different class. We are work in progress and need to ship a few on but there are incouraging signs. Keep the faith everyone
  4. The Referee apologised for not wearing his correct shirt tonight
  5. Were you watching the gas, Jesus what a complete pile of crap. We played like a team for the first time. Give it time
  6. Feels like groundhog Day of last season. Where is our identity and style of play? Not moved forward at all
  7. Toothless, weak in midfield and defence, I'm sorry we are relegation material
  8. To be honest, we don't have enough good solid players, any home confidence and the playing style is poor. We will be skirting relegation with this style of play and these players
  9. Honestly looking at players who left everything on the pitch today, don't forget this is no quick fix but setting the foundations
  10. Love to see a midfield of Massengo, Williams and James
  11. Brilliantly put. We don't panic buy players we don't need, blood the youth and integrate with quality. This will take patience and time.
  12. We'll put. It's now building consistency and managing the younger players. All the Players Nige signed are having an impact on and off the field
  13. Tremendous courage, what a lovely young lad. We need to give him VIP status when he visits when we'll again
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