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  1. Hoping that England will play with a similar tempo to Italy, with and without the ball. They were in Turkey's faces for the whole game.
  2. I wouldn't have too much faith in Bracey at 3 for England. Not sure whether it's his usual look, but he doesn't exude confidence at all, either behind the stumps or with the bat in his hand.
  3. Red7

    Euro 2021/21

    They have looked far more of a cohesive unit to me than England in recent games. But, yes, they do flatter to deceive at tournaments. Then again, so do England.
  4. Red7

    Euro 2021/21

    Given our history in the Euros, it would certainly be astonishing if we went and won it.
  5. Red7

    Euro 2021/21

    They still have a great fluidity and cohesiveness to their play, though, and the players seem to know each other's games inside out. Things which England seem to lack at times. That said, we have a couple of players who can make the difference on the day. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out, and hoping for a miracle.
  6. Red7

    Euro 2021/21

    I think we have a decent chance if other teams could knock out France and Belgium. I reckon both these teams would tear England a new one. Interestingly, France went pretty much with what is likely to be their starting line-up in yesterday's friendly. Surely this is a far better approach than England's. I always get the impression that countries such as France, Germany and now Belgium already know what their best XI is, whereas England doesn't have such a clear idea.
  7. I thought Nagy had a good first half yesterday with his interceptions, making himself available, keeping the ball moving. Lots of arm waving and pointing, too (but in good way rather than in a Patto way). Didn't see the second half.
  8. Red7


    Brentford, Oxford, FGR.
  9. He now has more Premier League goals than Josh Brownhill.
  10. YES! **** off Chelsea!
  11. If there weren't restrictions etc., almost all Man City and Chelsea fans who attended the final would be season ticket holders or fans who have accumulated 'points' by attending games, I would imagine.
  12. You are indeed extremely lucky if your employee has paid you full pay Let's hope City can serve us all up something much better next season.
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