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  1. thank god we’re away for most of these next games. Team sh**s themselves at home. I honestly don’t know when we’re gunna win a game at AG. If we can’t beat Luton then there’s something seriously wrong. So disappointed with City at the moment, no excitement and the inevitable disappointment.
  2. If it wasn’t worrying enough our home form is cursed. Bentley absolute shocker for that. You have to be stronger as a keeper. Joke. Crap game aswell so much time wasted from fouls, throw ins etc
  3. Hoping for this today; Although NP said he probably won’t make many changes Bentley Vyner Kalas Atkinson Dasilva Massengo Williams James Pring Wells Weimann
  4. can’t even imagine the consequences if Ipswich don’t go up FFP wise
  5. Good to see we’re signing upcoming players. A striker tomorrow on loan and that would be perfect
  6. Haha free. What a joke. Don’t even think we’ll sign anyone else now
  7. If we get 5 million then that is amazing. That’s 2-3 quality signings
  8. can start on signing some players now. Striker winger and rb needed
  9. Yep he’s gone then. Time things started moving
  10. All the city podcasts are good in their own ways and all of them are always good to listen to if you have some spare time. Enjoy all of them
  11. Bentley Vyner Kalas Atkinson JD James Massengo Weimann King COD Wells That’s what I think he’ll play
  12. just need to sign abit more quality up front. Hopefully Nagy goes soon and we raise funds for that. Even a couple loans would help. Even if it was panic stations come January I’m sure Lansdown will panic and give NP a large sum to get some players in
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