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  1. Said 2 Centre Halves, 2 Centre Mids and a striker as his ‘5’ signings but not ruling out loans aswell. basically we need a new spine. Decent interview and it’s nice to actually get some updates as it does seem to be moving abit slow
  2. I hope your right mate I really want him here but just don’t think we’d have a good chance with them being promoted. But yeah wage wise we could offer more. See what happens or who our top choice is first. I’d be happy with Yates going into next season however
  3. That’s it now, no chance of getting him
  4. If Blackpool go up I can’t see us signing Yates unfortunately, he’s class
  5. Just pure speculation and if we get the targets I’m hoping for; Bentley Olosunde Kalas Atkinson Dasilva Williams M.James KDH Weimann Wells Yates
  6. what on earth was begovic doing
  7. I don’t so we can sign Jerry Yates
  8. Yeah, obvs it may just be speculation but he defo said they were looking into Fam
  9. A mate of mine who scouts for a champ team said he turned down 25k+ a week from them apparently (obvs not 100% sure, could be just speculation). Good player but can do better in my opinion, get some pace up front
  10. I’d like to see a white away kit for next season and then 3rd kit being Purple and lime
  11. Loan for next season to L1 or L2 teams for more experience then hopefully they can break in to the team in future. So many decent players coming through exciting times
  12. RB and CB most needed positions so hopefully they’re first. Good striker to follow fingers crossed
  13. Like Barnsley, know what they’re good at and try play to their strengths. All 100 percenters aswell
  14. Glad this has all been sorted and a lot of players have been moved on. Frees up a lot of wages for us to get players who hopefully will perform consistently better. Needed for a long time. Too many players that took it too easy. Can’t wait for the summer now, hopefully 4/5 quality signings then some back ups and we should be in a much more stronger position for the start of the season
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