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  1. I thought it seemed conway was ahead of Bell but shows how much we know. We got promising players and hopefully they can all push the experienced players. Especially Scott who could be our next big player
  2. Like listening to all the podcasts. All different in their own way. All well worth a listen too if you have time spare
  3. Just nice to see us appointing and recruiting people in order to try and build something. For too many years now it’s been to comfortable aswell as having too many players not enough quality. I’d happily take a mid table finish this season then go for it within the next few seasons. Very promising times just got to trust the process.
  4. Forever Bristol City 3 Peaps In A Podcast Osib
  5. Kalas for Ostigard + 4 mill and funds for striker. Yes please id take that 100%
  6. I think I’d just prefer James and Nagy, gives you abit of energy in Nagy and James dictating play. A good balance imo. Still hope for a winger and striker to come in before the end of the window. Defo a striker
  7. Gotta be close to that surely. I just got a feeling he’s gunna be loyal to King and play James and King holding
  8. Reckon we’ll get a couple attackers in by the end of the window and I fancy us around 10th-15th
  9. Yep agree I just hope we play James with either Williams/Nagy. That’s a very strong base in midfield. Just need a striker so badly
  10. strong team. Kalas for Baker. Williams or Nagy for King. Then Wells for Martin and that’s possibly our strongest line up. Nice to see us have some depth aswell
  11. For me at this moment in time it’s; Bentley Vyner Kalas Atkinson Dasilva James Nagy O’dowda Palmer Weimann Wells Williams probably get eased into it. And maybe Baker for Atkinson although I thought RA was class tonight. That’s a very strong team imo. Pace on wings and up front with two midfielders that can dictate play
  12. Yeah can see your point however he’s only 18. Keep him in and around the first team imo and if he breaks in so be it. Class player tho, definite starter in future if he continues his form
  13. Was very good. I know people will disagree but I thought Atkinson was very good, aswell as Weimann and O’dowda (COD second half and spells in first)
  14. Get a new striker and I think we’ll be alright. Look a lot stronger and fitter imo. Lots of good wing play aswell which we hardly saw last season. O’dowda a lot more confident i.e always looking to beat his man just needs a little more composure. With Wells being abit more mobile id like to see him with Palmer in behind. Exciting times with a very strong squad this season although as I said a striker short and maybe another winger to compete.
  15. Yep, don’t know why people’s saying it’s a poor half. Plus it’s only pre season all about fitness and working on shape
  16. Quite a good half imo. Look a lot more comfortable in the middle. Just need that attacking edge
  17. Hopefully it’s a 4-3-1-2 with Scott in the 10
  18. James Williams Weimann Palmer Semenyo
  19. I think at this point I’d prefer keeping conway and sending bell out on loan. Alex Scott should be bench kids class
  20. Anyone having problems with the stream. Mine says there isn’t a stream however coverage was meant to start at 1
  21. saying it because they weren’t involved in tuesdays game as well. Odowda is on commentary today tho
  22. Odowda and Massengo must have knocks
  23. Pearson said on Tuesday the players who didn’t get a lot of game time for the Pompey game would get minutes today so was expected to be a weaker line up. Intrigued to see how Kalas does aswell as a partnership of Williams and Nagy in the middle
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