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  1. I live in Manchester and the tickets to watch them in the champions league were going for £12.50 on some sites. Some fans I know in the area are still worried about going to games or have issues with families so I can see why some fans got annoyed by peps comments.
  2. Sessengon (Kalas) Palmer C (Bakinson) Wells (Fammy)
  3. Sessengon (Kalas) Massengo VC (Bakinson) Semenyo C (Fammy)
  4. Simpson VC (Kalas) Palmer (Massengo) Wells C (Semenyo)
  5. Sessengnon VC (Simpson) Palmer (Massengo) Wells C (Semenyo)
  6. Kalas (Mariappa) Massengo VC (Palmer) Fammy TC (Wells)
  7. Simpson (Mariappa) Palmer VC (Walsh) Wells C (Semenyo)
  8. Hunt (Mariappa) Lansbury (Bakinson) Semenyo C (Wells)
  9. Hunt (Mariappa) Palmer C (Bakinson) Fammy VC (Wells)
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