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  1. every football team has had a member of staff who has broke the law, one upmanship in these cases is pathetic
  2. any estimates on the number of city fans at highbury ?
  3. grealish,foden and rashford will still have a say if we progress to the final.
  4. kalas lashing out !
  5. no chance of the fruit market that space will go to people with serious money
  6. typical italians getting stronger as they go on
  7. just had a look at the weather forecast in rome for saturday, very hot day !
  8. it will be interesting to see which players go to spurs, with wolves having the portugal connection.
  9. remember the pulis time ! george graham managed spurs after arsenal
  10. very brave decision by the owners ,he said everton were a "small club" ! i can not see it being a success
  11. football is brilliant !
  12. knockout football at its best
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