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  1. He and the team have the right to do what they want. But so do the fans. I think its unacceptable that pundits and commentators are having a go at fans for voicing their own opinions. What they cant seem to fathom for some reason, is that the fans are not booing the players for being black. Or for being them, or for their own accomplishments. They are booing the action. Because regardless of what is being said now, it will always ALWAYS have connections with BLM. And it didnt help that the players in the prem had it emblazoned on their shirts for weeks. and Sky had it on the tv screens. This is the same movement that we saw burning down buildings, looting and smashing stores. Thats what is being booed. But the more the media make it out as though the fans are evil and wrong, the longer they will boo. We are in the midst of a huge cultural and race war imo. One that is being brought about by social media and corporations. It wont end well.
  2. There is a lot of naivety going on here. Just dont get your hopes up. The signs are not good at all. Not only do we have to try and overhaul our squad but the incumbent has so far shown nothing. I cant see how he can perform miracles in 3 months. Next season will be a long and turgid one imo.
  3. Cant quite grasp why people are excited. We have a squad of awful players that are either nowhere near good enough, or genuinely dont care. Granted alot we can now get rid of, but some we will continue to be stuck with. On top of that we need to replace them. Easier said then done in one window. And we have a manager that has not really done anything for us, aside continue and even worsen our dire performances. Granted its not his team, but even still, its extremely worrying. Yes im extremely anxious. And worried.
  4. Id imagine, since his son has the passion for it, it would continue. Unless we find somebody who they feel can progress us in the correct way. I am confident about our future ownership at the very least. I do trust Steve in that regard.
  5. Im not excited for next season, im nervous about it. I am pleased we will see the back of most of these chancing wage stealing "pros" we have, but I am still very much anxious about next season. I mean we need a complete overhaul.
  6. Oh thats amazing. Come on Wednesday!
  7. Fingers crossed we manage to bin off most of em.
  8. Typical. Thats that then. An awful season for us that i wanted to end weeks ago, and Derby surviving by the skin of their teeth
  9. "Wayne Rooney's Derby will be condemned" Jesus these commentators. :laugh:
  10. Hahahahahahaha Derby losing!
  11. Interesting that. Shows alot of insight into why Johnson/Holden were brought in. Ashton is the biggest fraud and bullshitter going. EDIT: When I say insight I mean confirmation. It was obvious why Holden was brought in, and it wasnt for his experience or the fact he is a good human.
  12. Words cannot describe how much i detest this group of players. Please let us just concede the last game and **** these players out of the club asap. Useless money grabbing no effort ass clowns. **** off.
  13. Dear god. Ah well. Least we scored a goal.
  14. Haha i cannot wait until this season finishes. Can we just not concede the last game? Save everyone the bother.
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