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  1. This is making me laugh and cry with the situation we are finding ourselves in. This could potentially be Eliasson off, Famara off, our board are apparently allowing Baker to be sold if an offer comes in. Smith, Nikki, Williams out of contract. Afobe, Pedro, Benkovic loan ended. What ******* squad do we have left???? Season starts in what? 6 weeks? And we are pissing about giving interviews to anyone that applies seemingly. Jesus christ, next season is anyone's guess.
  2. Could potentially be 10 days away?!?! Im assuming that must be taking the piss. So, im guessing its the club thats deciding which players are good enough to be retained or not then is it? eg Korey. It doesnt matter what the new "head coach" thinks.
  3. Can we not pinch their match day thread and put it in our classics! haha
  4. That is quality. WOW! Unlucky Forest! Hahahahaha
  5. swansea score again. One more and forest move out of playoffs!
  6. This guy gets it. This is what social media is now. You can accept it or not, but this what it is. Its corporations and companies chasing likes. Thats all it is. Somehow, it is now all about social media now for all companies. Hence why you see them go SUPER WOKE SUPER instantly, no matter how hypocritical that makes the vast majority of them. It appears as though social media likes is the be all and end all of marketing to most companies this day and age sadly. They are wrong mind. Long term, its very wrong for alot of them. But thats how it is, and thats why we have to put up with
  7. Absolute joke. Why get rid of Johnson then? Wants premier league football but constantly goes for the cheap option where it actually matters.
  8. Why on earth is it brothers????? Can one of them not manage by himself?
  9. Shall we have a new rule here on OTIB? Where only rumours from The Mirror and The Guardian are allowed to be posted? Would that stop the snide remarks and placate posters?
  10. However, i would suggest its not me being a snowflake. Its the people that appear to be soooo dismissive of opinions because it comes from a source which isnt approved from them in their political opinions!
  11. I am being a snowflake. Because it gets sooooo tiring when you know for 100% fact that there will be a snide remark EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It really does get irritating. Just keep those opinions to the politics forum. If you cant bear to not have a pop because of the paper a football source comes from, then dont post.
  12. Im sick of it, im sick of hearing snide remarks whenever somebody quotes anything from the express/mail/talksport/sun. I cannot stand the Guardian. The opinion pieces in that rag are laughable. And so detached from reality. Yet, I wouldn't make no snide comment if a sports piece came from that paper. Do you all realise that sports reporters and opinion in the sports section are detached from the views of said editorials/owners??
  13. I suppose if its not Guardian approved.....
  14. There's always one aint there. Unless its the Guardian of course.
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