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  1. Hm. Well, disagree. A player that won't sign a new contract, as young as him, would almost certainly have his eyes on the future as opposed to the season ahead. Its natural. And clearly Nigel agrees to some extent.
  2. A) not reading the guardian. B)that is some insane amount of wall. What is the prediction?
  3. I'd suggest it's a player that has his eye on the season after. That's not hard to make that ascertain is it. Again. Why would a manager want to play a player that already has his eye on the future?
  4. A player that won't sign a new contract. A player that will not commit to us next season. A ayer that has his eyes on whoever after this season. That is not a player that has focus. Hence Pearsons comments.
  5. People pulling up stats etc about him, or making excuses for him. Who cares? If we won't sign a new contract, then not to be too crude but **** him, and focus on players that wanna be here. I'm more worried about chances of signing new players.
  6. If he doesn't want to signal new contract then bye bye. If he shows no commitment then I hope he isn't played. Frustrating as hell we csnt sign anymore players though
  7. It's pure laziness. You'd think "pundits" that are being paid to predict where teams will finish in a league would try to do a modicum of research on the matter. Evidently not.
  8. Pretty sure Le Tissier was still somewhat mild when he left sky in comparison to now. I do recall he was publicly questioning the legitimacy of BLM while near the end of his time at sky though, and you know how far sky backed it. So maybe partly that? I dunno.
  9. Complete nonsense used as excuses by Guardian readers. Ive seen no hate at all on Southgate by any "ring wing" outlets. He's hardly had it the same as Eriksson (personal life stuff) Mclaren or Hodgson. The criticism is due to performances, team selections and tactics. An easy obvious recent example is the 1-0 loss to Hungary. 5 at the back with 2 defensive mids in front. Its infuriating and frustrating to see us set up like that when we are clearly more talented going forward. Last night may not of shown it, but the players looked clueless. Thats down to him. He has no idea how to utilise attack minded players. He is to scared to lose. Plus a complete lack of experience. It was a barmy appointment to begin with imo. He did well, I think that time has been and gone now.
  10. What happens if we get tonked in those 2 games against Germany and Italy? Too late to change at that point, and it will be f****** toxic with the fans and media.
  11. Utter drivel. Just embarrassing. 1 goal in 4. A pen. Losing 3-0 at home to Hungary. We look a mess. And completely clueless
  12. Haha well... Shorts and the hooped socks? I'm thinking not......
  13. Yep. It's not like if someone is walking around town in the full kit. It's a top. They have adult sizes. I think its smart and have no issues with people wearing a top. Especially if they are exiled.
  14. Hate this mindset.
  15. Clowns? Hilarious. It was a shocking result and performance. No other way to spin it. The lineup was terrible. It was set up to draw. Against Hungary. The performance was dreadful. and was well deserved given the way we setup and the lineup we had. Its worrying. To say the least.
  16. Exactly. The love in for Mcinnes because he said some nice things about City is a bit much. He signed some utter dross for us that were never going to be good enough. Just compounded the bloated squad, which imo didn't start to be corrected until SOD.
  17. Hate Forest, hope they get battered in the final.
  18. Thought the first half we were poor, second half we were very good. Looked alot more confident and composed at the back, and looked excellent ok the break. Alot of momentum and zest, even Wells looked really sharp when he came on. Was a fun second half to watch.
  19. Hm, your first point means we are due to concede a last minute goal.
  20. And Pearson threw a wobbly over it. He's been shocking as manager overall.
  21. Great finish. An away win, and clean sheet. wtf? Buzzing.
  22. No a surprise. The amount of betting sites that pop up then disappear is insane. If you are a betting person, you really are better off going with the obvious here in the uk.
  23. I wouldn't believe Pearson used to be a defender. Our defence is calamitous continuously, practically amateurish. How they are not embarrassed with themselves I will never know. A shit player is a shit player I guess, but what the hell do they do in training every week? For this entire season? A portion of the blame has to go to Pearson, and on those training them. To see it look so bad, no improvements. And there has been signings at the back. Simpson, Atkinson, Tanner, Klose. Some maybe injured now, they have all played. Still laughably embarrassing defensively though and have been all season. Pathetic. Our attackers are stepping up. Its the clowns at the back.
  24. Comical, clown like performances week in week out from our defence. Is this what we have to accept under Pearson is it? Anyone see any type of improvement defensively under Pearson? Why not? Is he and his coaches that inept?
  25. Well, she is incredibly brave for coming forward, cus, if true (and looks it to anyone) who knows how many more woman this vile narcissist bully would of abused. People like him are so dangerous, he would not of stopped. He clearly thinks he can have and take what he pleases, to hell with what pain it would inflict on others.
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