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  1. What a great service Ordered programmes were delivered to my house today as promised Programmes are top notch Subscription taken out
  2. Hi Bobby Info@bristolcityprogrammes.com Will deliver to his door if local or post same day of game
  3. I would just like to add that the programmes are being out sourced and printed by a third party according to the email I received from Bristolcityprogrammes.com Probably due to possible copyright issues
  4. Hi Phantom Sadly not BCFC have made the decision to go down the digital copy only No printed copies whatsoever There are 2 clubs in the EFL not doing printed copies and that’s Reading and us Just contacted info@bristolcityprogrammes.com and a limited number will be printed to our supporters Really helpful guy Supporters please support him we can’t let this tradition die !
  5. Any one know where I can purchase a printed programme from the digital copy City are releasing for each home game. I don’t want any gaps in my collection ! Locally of course
  6. Only 1 Adult ticket left now first with the cash gets it face value
  7. Hi Joshbristol i have messaged you my contact details
  8. Ok can you private message me please
  9. Hi I have 3 spare tickets face value and willing to deliver in Bristol tomorrow Reason originally tried to get in hospitality and refused but Bardiff changed their minds and let us in
  10. Hi Jerry i have several copies for sale info@bristolcityprogrammes.com
  11. Hi All Does anyone know a Huddersfield Town season ticket holder Only chance of getting an electronic copy of tonight’s football programme Supporters club subscription requirement Cheers
  12. Hi I will collect next week if that’s ok PM me or text 07809906858 Regards Darren
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