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  1. For £10, it would be nice if the cameraman could use the zoom function when the ball is in the box or on the far side of the pitch. Especially if he ain’t going to wipe the lens. £10. Worse then watching on the red button, one camera, non zoom option. What a rip off.
  2. These initial pre season games are competitive training sessions. Pearson will be looking at who he doesn’t need to keep rather than who he does. He already knows Bentley is capable, he needs to look at the other 2. same with left back. He knows Dasilva can play there and has been looking at Pring and nurse to see who the best backup can be, with the other one likely to be made a available for loan. Look more for the Villa game to be the one which gives you the best idea of the first team squad for Blackpool. Until then, don’t worry.
  3. Ok. So Fordys tweet to pato was meant to be a compliment was it. Is that why he got blocked. Did Paterson just take it the wrong way Only 1 daft person here, the one trying to defend abuse
  4. Credibility? I’m not after any I’m not the one who thinks its ok to abuse players on twitter I’ll ask the question again, since you failed to answer it Do you think it’s ok to abuse footballers on social media?
  5. An inconsistent player. Fine. That’s an opinion. Going on social media and telling him “he’s excellent - 1 in 10”, and then bragging about it because he blocked you, is no longer an opinion, it’s being purposely hurtful and trying to trigger a reaction. A reaction that you got - he blocked you - and you seem so proud of it. It’s childish. I’d expect better from an officer of the law. I assume you know colleagues who have to deal with social media abuse? Why are you showing off about the fact you’ve abused a footballer? Am I the one defending an act of abuse? Think you need to have a look at yourself pal. Sticking up for the copper again. I assume you are one too? Thick as thieves. I’m not offended on someone else’s behalf. Pato blocked the troll. He’s done his bit. I just find it unfunny and childish. Your collusion is also unfunny and childish. Question - Do you think it’s ok for fans to abuse footballers online?
  6. So do you 2 think it’s ok for people to abuse footballers on Twitter then? I’ll assume from your responses that you do. Your collusion is part of the problem. Judging from your historical posts, I’m assuming you are both quite old. Why are you sniggering like children over social media abuse. May be time to grow up.
  7. You clearly seek attention. You abuse a footballer online and then think it’s funny that he’s blocked you. Then you revel in this by posting your oh so humorous abuse on here. I’ll assume you are a copper as well then. Thick as thieves. Owned. Hilarious. Hope you are proud that you are defending someone who admitted to abusing one of our players online. Amazing how many people think it’s funny that this policeman abused a player on Twitter, so much so that the player blocked him, and he writes about it on here as if he’s some kind of comedy genius. Remember last week when there was a social media blackout. Hope you’re all proud of yourselves.
  8. I’ll do the maths for you pal. Fordy62 is a copper. He tweeted a footballer to say he thought he was crap at football. I want to tweet fordy to say he’s crap at catching criminals.
  9. Mind if you give me your Twitter handle? I’d like to point out that you are brilliant at catching burglars - 1 in 100.
  10. Do you think police officers should be abusing people on Twitter?
  11. I’m not going to renew but will pay on the day for EVERY game. My financial contribution to the club will be way in excess of yours. Call yourself a TRUE fan!! If you were you’d pay full whack every week like me. Charlatan
  12. It’s not like Liverpool fans have any history at all when it comes to being expelled from European competition. I’m sure there was something back in the 80’s but I can’t quite put my finger on it
  13. The shorts at the 1990 World Cup were too short by far.
  14. I know a few dicks in Bs14 but I don’t reckon I’m your cousins mate
  15. Anyone tracked Steve’s plane? Did it land near Coventry first before heading to lulsgate?
  16. No coincidence that uncle fester rhymes with Leicester. Dirty swines
  17. Boneyard Tim loves the graveyard shift on display at AG
  18. I thought LGBT was shorthand for Long Ball Tactics. I didn’t know there were fan groups I could join if I liked that style. Well, I know one, they’re called the gas. I certainly wouldn’t write to the club about it?
  19. Maybe I am your cousins mate? Jimmy from BS7?
  20. I think they’re skill. (Skill means bum)
  21. Something like Holden wanted Massengo to leave because he was shagging his wife? I heard it on Twitch
  22. Han-Noah’s is slightly fuller and thicker than Carlos. Reckon it impedes him more. Ok, 2 things could improve his game. Either a hair cut or become Valderama
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