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  1. Wasn’t particularly happy with our away fans at the metro station after the game today, some of them squaring up to the WBA fans and some punches thrown despite families being stood nearby. The people involved barely had half a brain cell combined unfortunately.
  2. No but he’s overseen a complete collapse of confidence, akin to last season but with a better squad.
  3. How are we so bad at defending? Wasn’t Pearson a defender?
  4. Don’t be silly we still wouldn’t score then!
  5. Is this the wrong time to mention that VAR would have ruled out our goal against Fulham?
  6. Thanks for consistently being the most amateur podcast I listen to every week, very much appreciated
  7. irrespective of your perception of the level of prestige I think to have been voted the best club out of 72 teams in terms of our online content is an excellent achievement and should not be overlooked!
  8. Best EFL club at the Football Content Awards. Well done media team
  9. This is genuinely wonderful
  10. Nice article on BBC today about the steps Josh has been taking to help businesses in Burnley struggling with the financial impact of Covid-19. He’s a good lad Brownhill and very happy he’s done well for himself so far in the Premier League. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58864872
  11. Sorry if this question has already been answered in the thread, but I was wondering - is there no FFP equivalent in the premier league which will cap Newcastle’s ability to spend or do they have carte blanche to spend what they want and basically build a team of Galacticos from scratch?
  12. Benjamin Bloom has always come across as a very nice and decent bloke. Shame he supports Ipswich but I suppose someone has to!
  13. Especially when you consider their neighbours Sunderland are trapped in the third division. Shearer said on Match of the Day recently that there was “no hope” at Newcastle - try saying that to a Bury season ticket holder. It’s a load of bollocks to be honest.
  14. Yeah but having the ghost of last season linger in their analysis is lazy as anything, we’re 11 games in - analyse those rather than last season. Time to move on
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