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  1. The number of adverts on sky is ludicrous
  2. Ramsey probably not going to be welcome in Glasgow after this
  3. Frankfurt’s penalties have been genuinely incredible
  4. Ryan Kent just reminds me of how poor we were in the second half of the 17/18 season. What a waste that was
  5. For a major European final I think this game has been fairly low on quality in my opinion. Maybe it’s the heat
  6. Let’s not pretend we didn’t all run onto the pitch when we got promoted against Rotherham and when we beat Palace in the play offs
  7. @Davefevsdo you have any stats on how many games Massengo started this season which we won? For some reason most of the early victories I recall James and King started and then latterly James and Williams. I think he best performance was Preston away but we only drew that one. Not trying to have a dig at HNM at all just interested to see what the stats are
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