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  1. Dropped off just waiting collection
  2. No thanks needed your welcome
  3. I will drop it off at club shop tomorrow if you like
  4. Yes it is also have credit card and money!!
  5. Found season ticket in South stand if anyone knows of anyone losing one please reply
  6. I was one of the Ten fans who are fighting for justice, the day started with me and a friend drinking in a bar in the centre of birmingham. The WMP had 3 riot vans parked outside most of the time we were there. The Bristol police came in a few times talking to us and asking what time would we be leaving. We asked how long would it take to walk to the ground, they said about 20-25 mins so we left the pub at around 20 past 2 thinking we would get ascorted but the 3 riot vans had gone. We then heeded towards the ground, we were then meet by around 15-20 WMP and kept on a corner for approx 1 hour being told we were a threat to sociaity. We were then marched to the train station and headed back to Bristol. There was no need to stop or hold us we had done nothing wrong, I didnt even know any others in the group.
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