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  1. Did not take part, but I am intrigued by ExiledAjax answers. He states that Leeds will win the Championship, but wont be promoted automatically. Did he know that something very strange was going to happen that season. Apologies if this has already been noticed.
  2. trickytimes


    Thanks for your explanation. I played football for 20 years and was not aware of this law.
  3. trickytimes


    Apologies for re-opening this topic. However I just cannot see where the offside is. The player receives the ball from the corner therefore cannot be offside. Then he passes backwards, so no offside there either. Please can someone with a greater understanding of the laws please explain when and where the offside occurred. Thanks.
  4. Ozpaul. My friend was Charles Rogers (unfortunately no longer with us). He was a far better cricketer than footballer, and I think that was one of the few football games he played for Bishopsworth.
  5. Hello ozpaul. This sounds like Bishopsworth primary. A good friend of mine played in the same team as you.
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