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  1. Yes, well done to them, they seem to be improving despite losing a lot of talent in the Summer. I take my daughter to watch them when I can and she enjoys herself. It's a more relaxed occasion than the men's football so good for kids. The women play some good football, and often come and have a chat at pitchside after games which is nice for the younger fans. I recommend it as an alternative match day out to anyone at a loose end when the men are playing away.
  2. Thanks RedM, I had no idea it was so popular. I'll have to try another game and be a little more organised next time around...
  3. Hi All - I've been trying to purchase 4 tickets for the Flyers' basketball match against Plymouth this Friday without success and now I see it's sold out. I've tried hard to make contact with Bristol Sport but they don't make it easy. I've called today and there's an automated message telling me they are open between 9-5 weekdays, and currently closed!? Anyway, can anybody on here tell me if they tend to sell tickets on the door for the basketball? I'm not terribly hopeful but my family will be disappointed as it was going to be our first game, and they're all blaming me for failing to sort this out weeks ago..(not an unfair accusation!). Thanks for any help.
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