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  1. I fully agree and have been saying it for a few years now. I think we missed a massive trick in the summer of 2015 not trying to pack our squad out with some quality loans rather than chucking £9m at players with £40k p/w wage demands, we were a young, attacking side that would’ve been an attractive proposition for clubs to send their players to. The next year we signed Abraham, which worked out perfectly. If you take Derby for an example — previous overspenders in this league... go and appoint Frank Lampard. Would Derby have appointed a name like this without knowing the contacts he has and what would be available to them on the cheap? I don’t think so, and you have to question without Tomori, Mount and Wilson where they’d be this season, and they’ve been cost Derby pennies in comparison to rubbish previously spent multi million pounds on like Blackman, Camara, Butterfield etc.
  2. The 24-year-old is yet to start a Championship match for City since joining them from Cheltenham last July in a deal worth £800,000 up front, with another £200,000 due this summer - a record fee received for the League Two club. - https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-boss-lee-johnson-2889696 That's from Jon Palmer who broke the story of Eisa joining us, mate.
  3. Lines has joined Northampton. Clarke tried to hijack it and all, think they'd have all gone and gotten cheap season tickets at Walsall instead of paying the extortionate rates Wael charges if he'd have gone there.
  4. Coughlan's 1/2 on for the Plymouth job. Amazing. The global institution of Bristol Rovers potentially about to lose their manager to a fourth tier rival club of theirs.
  5. I do mate yes, not pedantic at all that's a clear error Glad I mentioned Holden in the same post otherwise would've looked a right muppet. He's not so chirpy on Twitter anymore you'll be surprised to hear, neither is his girlfriend by the looks of things...
  6. You're not far off. He occasionally gets off the bench for Rochdale. He has less league starts than our very own Rory Holden who's on loan there - worked out quite funnily hasn't it.
  7. If you read the replies to Marc Iles' tweets you'll see some panic, I don't think anyone really knows what's going on yet. All a bit bizarre, I wonder what Zach Clough's dad makes of all of this...
  8. Adjournment for the court hearing now until May 22nd. Slight bit of good news but they're going to need to speed things up in terms of a new investor, unless the ex-Watford owner does eventually get granted access to the club. -12 points deduction for next season as well.
  9. Was thinking that. Colchester's form is streaky like ours has been under LJ, but it seems as though they only play well when Szmodics does.
  10. It’s an observation. If you listen to @Shtanley‘s podcast it’s often been said that Diedhiou is heavily praised by opposition fans, and the conclusion a few have drawn is that he stands out as a big, black striker. I obviously don’t mean it in any sort of derogatory way, I think you know that.
  11. Hard to say isn't it. If Pompey came up I don't think he'd be a realistic signing this summer, and as much as I'd love Pompey away next year if they stay down and it increases our chances of signing Clarke and Lowe then I'm all for it. Around £3m would probably do it for a third tier CB I should think. I'd have liked Pinnock at Barnsley as well, that may well still be plausible as Barnsley have form for selling their better players to bigger clubs in this league.
  12. Clarke's a similar footballer to Webster, Portsmouth fans absolutely love him. I've seen him play about 4/5 times so from what I've seen he's a dominant defender that's very comfortable with the ball at his feet and likes to venture out with it and go on those marauding runs that we often see Webster go on. As said, I've only seen him 4/5 times but the statistical analysis that accounts on Twitter such as Blades Analytic publish back this up. I think the club also mentioned that they recruit based on statistical analysis and it was how we found Eliasson so I'm sure they'll be keeping tabs on him if Kalas doesn't sign. Definitely agree re: Vyner. I like our back three and he fits that perfectly, as does Kelly funnily enough and I think them two either side of Webster would work. This article is worth a read if you've got a minute or haven't already, it's Vyner commenting about the stick he received and how he's fought back from it at Rotherham and has gained a lot of respect from their fans for it. - https://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/sport/view,how-rotherham-united-loanee-zak-vyner-fought-back-from-the-jeers_31729.htm
  13. For sure. The problem is I don't think you'll find many Championship clubs willing to take him on for a season with no view to a permanent move. When we got promoted to this division back in 2015, would you have taken one of Brentford's (finished 6th 14/15) youth CBs to progress for them with no view to a permanent if we wanted to do so? I think the only way we'll really find out is by chucking him in ourselves. I hope we give him the chance here to do so, I'm sure we will, but if not it could be that we look back on him as one of those that "got away".
  14. I never thought he looked any good at right back for us either mate. I didn't go to the MK Dons game when he was thrown in for his debut, but the game after Brighton knew all about him and I doubt Jamie Murphy has ever had a night where he's profited so easily from his opposite number in his career, he knew exactly how to get at him. I think he will have a really good career at CB, I know fans like to go overboard but if you read Plymouth's forum when there were a few hoping of signing him they seemed to think even we'd struggle to keep him in the long run. https://www.pasoti.co.uk/talk/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=102977 - have a read if you get a moment.
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