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  1. 11 minutes ago, ncnsbcfc said:

    I reckon last season was a bit of a wake up call for the club with regard to the quality of loans.

    It's the first time in a while I can remember 3 Of them being on the pitch at one time, and you could see the positive effect it had on the rest of the team.

    I think the thing with loans is that they can be hit or miss. But in the championship now, they are seen as a cheaper invaluable part of team building; due to the massive hike in transfer fees and wages. Plus of course, if they don't work they're going back to their parent clubs anyhow.

    I reckon at least 2-3 incoming now, and another couple on Jan. Depending on where we are.

    Can't always go cap in hand to Chelsea though. 

    I fully agree and have been saying it for a few years now. I think we missed a massive trick in the summer of 2015 not trying to pack our squad out with some quality loans rather than chucking £9m at players with £40k p/w wage demands, we were a young, attacking side that would’ve been an attractive proposition for clubs to send their players to. The next year we signed Abraham, which worked out perfectly.

    If you take Derby for an example — previous overspenders in this league... go and appoint Frank Lampard. Would Derby have appointed a name like this without knowing the contacts he has and what would be available to them on the cheap? I don’t think so, and you have to question without Tomori, Mount and Wilson where they’d be this season, and they’ve been cost Derby pennies in comparison to rubbish previously spent multi million pounds on like Blackman, Camara, Butterfield etc.

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  2. 11 hours ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

    I had pretty much the same conversation with SC at David Lloyd in Long Ashton ... he really thought that with a bit more serious backing he’d have done better in the championship ...

    I loved (and still do) Cotterill, but there's a big difference between not being backed and not caving into 40k per week demands on strikers we've just agreed a £9m fee for, which at the time was over four times our current transfer record.

    You've got to remember at the time we were averaging 12k and couldn't have predicted with absolute certainty the massive rise in revenue from both ticket sales and money that Ashton Gate is producing. I think we should've been a bit more savvy.

    In League One we were a big fish and had the most resources so had the pick of the bunch, a bit like clubs like Villa do in this league, but for us to waltz into the Championship expecting to do the same was a very naive in my opinion.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Davefevs said:

    Just listened. No mention. Therefore the widely reported £1.5m stays in the spreadsheet!!!

    The 24-year-old is yet to start a Championship match for City since joining them from Cheltenham last July in a deal worth £800,000 up front, with another £200,000 due this summer - a record fee received for the League Two club. - https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-boss-lee-johnson-2889696

    That's from Jon Palmer who broke the story of Eisa joining us, mate.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Major Isewater said:

    Barnsley are ex-Prem and FA cup winners in 1912 , what constitutes a ‘ smaller club than us ‘ ?


    "Ex-Prem" means nothing to me — football wasn't created in '92, a better stat is that we have competed in nine top flight seasons compared to Barnsley's one.

    They average about 8,000 less home fans than we do, their away support isn't as good as ours when you factor in mileage (see below, credit to SoutheySWFC from 1FF for the table), our ground holds about 4,000 more seats than theirs, the population of Bristol is over double that of Barnsley's so the potential of our fanbase is far greater as evidenced at Wembley when we take 42,000 for a JPT final and they managed less than what we averaged at home to a playoff final back in 2016 etc.


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  5. Likely to be a lengthy and boring read if you don't pay much attention to attendances in football, but I was having a discussion on the weekend with a Rovers fan who was speaking about their game with Barnsley on the final day. His claim was that Rovers raise their game when the "bigger" sides come to the Mem (without wanting to overrule his opinion on his own team, I was quick to point out that they lost at home to Sunderland and Pompey) and it had me thinking, if Barnsley are considered a draw in League One then are Bristol City, and if so is that reflected in the attendance figures at games?

    I've managed to get hold of the figures needed to look into it. Without making it sound too much like an introduction to a dissertation, my plan is to compare the number of home fans (excluding away fans) at our fixture, and compare that with their average of home fans across the rest of the season and see how we compare from our last season in L1 (14/15). Our average from that season away from was circa 1,360 iirc, which would've had us probably just behind Sheffield Utd in second so to compare just attendances including away fans wouldn't be a fair reflection.

    The first number is the amount of home fans in against us, the second is the average number of home games in their season, the third is the percentage increase/decrease from the game against us and their usual average.

    Preston - 13,999 (10,157) (+37.8%)
    Chesterfield - 8,013 (6,134) (+30.6%)
    Swindon - 9,594 (7,459) (+28.6%)
    MK Dons - 10,533 (8,479) (+24.2%)
    Yeovil - 4,503 (3,892) (+15.7%)
    Peterborough - 6,382 (5,732) (+11.3%)
    Colchester - 3,568 (3,323) (+7.3%)
    Notts County - 4,760 (4,547) (+4.7%)
    Gillingham - 5,554 (5,302) (+4.7%)
    Sheffield Utd - 19,234 (18,843) (+2.1%)
    Crawley - 2,245 (2,208) (+1.7%)
    Scunthorpe - 3,128 (3,098) (+1%)
    Oldham - 3,676 (3,645) (+0.9%)
    Fleetwood - 2,815 (2,837) (-0.8%)
    Crewe - 3,963 (4,003) (-1%)
    Walsall - 3,635 (3,746) (-3%)
    Coventry - 8,094 (8,422) (-3.9%)
    Barnsley - 8,339 (8,801) (-5.3%)
    Rochdale - 2,324 (2,507) (-7.3%)
    Bradford - 11,706 (12,965) (-9.7%)
    Doncaster - 5,226 (5,914) (-11.6%)
    Port Vale - 3,629 (4,634) (-21.7%)
    Leyton Orient - 3,415 (4,386)(-22.1%)

    If my maths is right, the results turn out to be that there's a 3.5% increase across the division from their normal home fan crowds to when they play us.

    The average number of home fans when we're in town is 6,218, whereas across the rest of the division the average works out to be 5,876.

    There are obviously contributing factors in this, such as us having quite a few midweek games due to having rearranged international games that others in the division didn't choose to do, the JPT cup run and people that pick and choose the games they go to probably not going to be prioritising watching their side against us who were winning most games so if you wanted to get a fairer reflection you'd have to do it over 3/4 seasons but I unfortunately can't find the data past this one.

    You can draw your own conclusions, though mine would be whilst City are without a doubt one of the bigger clubs in L1 when in the division we're not quite the catch that some of the sides that have been down there in recent years are, Wolves being an example. So that said, Barnsley being a smaller club than us certainly aren't a catch at that level.

    If you managed to last this long then fair play, I don't think many will have. :laugh:

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Coppello said:

    Don't you mean Rochdale? Not being pendantic - just want to highlight how far he has fallen!

    I do mate yes, not pedantic at all that's a clear error :laugh:

    Glad I mentioned Holden in the same post otherwise would've looked a right muppet.

    7 minutes ago, Bristol Rob said:

    Well I am sure Daddy is very proud anyway.

    He's not so chirpy on Twitter anymore you'll be surprised to hear, neither is his girlfriend by the looks of things... :laugh:

  7. 21 minutes ago, Bristol Rob said:

    Where does his boy play these days?

    I'll guess Liverpool, but only because he was far too good for us.

    You're not far off.

    He occasionally gets off the bench for Rochdale. He has less league starts than our very own Rory Holden who's on loan there - worked out quite funnily hasn't it.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Bristol Rob said:

    I would imagine a twelve point deduction over no club is the preferred option.

    What I find strange in all this (and having a look at the Bolton forum), there hasn't been the level of panic you would expect from their fans.

    If you read the replies to Marc Iles' tweets you'll see some panic, I don't think anyone really knows what's going on yet. All a bit bizarre, I wonder what Zach Clough's dad makes of all of this...

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  9. Adjournment for the court hearing now until May 22nd. 

    Slight bit of good news but they're going to need to speed things up in terms of a new investor, unless the ex-Watford owner does eventually get granted access to the club.

    -12 points deduction for next season as well.

  10. 4 minutes ago, JBFC II said:

    That doesn’t automatically mean a bigger club paying bigger money came in for him. It could mean that he could have walked when we were going through a tough time but decided that he wanted to stay. 

    I’ve got no clue about your ‘track record’ and nor do I care about it. Currently it looks like you’ve pulled a rumour out of thin air until you back it up with facts

    What constitutes as a fact in this instance then in the mind of JBFC II?

    If I was to name the club, would that be regarded a fact? There’s no way of proving it factually, unless you hear it from the man himself or the club in question, and funnily enough the man himself gave a massive lead about it.

    8 minutes ago, Super said:

    So i'm guessing that actually none of these clubs are after him?

    I don’t think so. It was reported by the Star yesterday but since Fulham have appointed Parker.

  11. 1 minute ago, JBFC II said:

    As far as I can see you’ve pulled sometching out of thin air and not backed it up.

    Doesn’t seem like a strong reason imo

    Pulled it out of thin air if you disregard that the bloke in question has claimed he’s stayed loyal to the club when had opportunities to go elsewhere.

    My track record speaks for itself on here. Believe whatever what you want. 

  12. 7 hours ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

    Ditto - do you really think that LJ being officially offered the manager’s job at another club would have been met with a total media blackout - with you being the only one outside the club who was fully briefed on it?! 

    Fantasy land - he was not offered the Villa job and I can’t think who else you would mean - if you come on here saying ‘LJ has turned down the manager’s job at another club which pays well’ then you must expect to be asked which club that is? Yet you then say you don’t share confidential info on here, having already done so .... then you refuse to name the club .... and you don’t think that, and your ITK claims, would be questioned? 


    Again, I question if you’re actually reading my posts as I’ve said to you several times Johnson referred in the Q&A about showing loyalty to the club when he could’ve jumped ship, and Lansdown to him when he could’ve pulled the trigger.

    Who mentioned Villa? You've come to that conclusion and now you’re implying you have some inside information that we don’t, I’d now interrogate you on how and what you’ve been told if I was as bothered about it as you are.

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  13. @BS4 on Tour... I’ve read some posts on here where the poster has swore blind their info they were sharing was true and I’ve still thought it was bollocks so I get where you’re coming from.

    As said previously, you can choose to believe me or not, I’m really not bothered. I was told the information and then Johnson made the comment in the Q&A which backed it up somewhat. Go with whatever you please.

    If you think everything in footballmakes the media as well you’re a tad naive. I often read stories/anecdotes in auto-biographies of ex-players or managers; whether some of them are slightly twisted to sell copies I don’t know but there’s so many examples there’s bound to be a percentage of them that are true.

  14. 46 minutes ago, ScottishRed said:

    So I am now confused - if LJ didn’t give away the club then how can you state that they pay very well, if you don’t know who they are?

    Not having a pop but genuinely confused

    I do know who they are, it was mentioned to me before LJ did that Q&A. Not my intention to come across as “ITK” — I’m certainly not, but I get bits and bobs from someone who is from time to time and don’t share any information that I’m told not to out of politeness.

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