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Posts posted by BessexRED

  1. 5 minutes ago, Loon plage said:

    So the inference came from LJ himself  and the media didn't pick it up ?

    Sounds like our HC has been taking a spin doctor course to add to his badges.

    Not saying you're making it up incidentally.

    He was talking about loyalties to the club and the clubs loyalties to him and he said something like the board have backed me in times of hardship and I've stayed loyal to the club when I could have gone elsewhere.

    As I said I'm not arsed if people think I'm making it up mate, my track record on here speaks for itself so I've nothing to prove.

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  2. Comes as no great surprise. His missus all but announced this the other day on Twitter, and of course there was the "fake post" on Eros' account the other week.

    Quite surprising that we tell players whether they will or won't be kept on before the end of the season. Suppose it gives the player more time to make plans for themselves but a rare strategy in football.

  3. 9 minutes ago, CyderInACan said:

    I'm struggling to understand what him being black has got to do with it? 

    It’s an observation. If you listen to @Shtanley‘s podcast it’s often been said that Diedhiou is heavily praised by opposition fans, and the conclusion a few have drawn is that he stands out as a big, black striker.

    I obviously don’t mean it in any sort of derogatory way, I think you know that.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Mr Popodopolous said:

    Last bit sounds about right too- the unbolded bit. They can be very small hence easy to hide, I understand. Millwall searching? Not particularly stringent at all IIRC.

    Nor do I, though it was a heavy day.

  5. Just now, Davefevs said:

    @BessexRED yes, I read that, ta.  How much would Clarke set us back, if Pompey still in Lg1.

    Hard to say isn't it. If Pompey came up I don't think he'd be a realistic signing this summer, and as much as I'd love Pompey away next year if they stay down and it increases our chances of signing Clarke and Lowe then I'm all for it.

    Around £3m would probably do it for a third tier CB I should think. I'd have liked Pinnock at Barnsley as well, that may well still be plausible as Barnsley have form for selling their better players to bigger clubs in this league.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    I’ve really not seen anything of Clarke, but he appears to have got a lot of plaudits.  Is he a ball winner, or a footballer, or a bit of both?  Guess, if he is who we are looking at, we want Portsmouth to mess up in the play-offs!

    Re ZV....a year ago, I would have had little doubt that Taylor Moore would gave a better chance of breaking through, but I think ZV’s games at Rotherham, despite being at RB, might have been good for him.  He needs to develop physically over the next 12 months.  He is 22 next Tuesday, and has this season to ready himself to really push for a place next season.  Whatever games he gets in 19/20 (if not loaned again) will be good for him.  That little bit of versatility might not be a bad thing, and might make him an option as RCB in a 3 when needed.

    Clarke's a similar footballer to Webster, Portsmouth fans absolutely love him. I've seen him play about 4/5 times so from what I've seen he's a dominant defender that's very comfortable with the ball at his feet and likes to venture out with it and go on those marauding runs that we often see Webster go on. As said, I've only seen him 4/5 times but the statistical analysis that accounts on Twitter such as Blades Analytic publish back this up. I think the club also mentioned that they recruit based on statistical analysis and it was how we found Eliasson so I'm sure they'll be keeping tabs on him if Kalas doesn't sign.

    Definitely agree re: Vyner. I like our back three and he fits that perfectly, as does Kelly funnily enough and I think them two either side of Webster would work. 

    This article is worth a read if you've got a minute or haven't already, it's Vyner commenting about the stick he received and how he's fought back from it at Rotherham and has gained a lot of respect from their fans for it. - https://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/sport/view,how-rotherham-united-loanee-zak-vyner-fought-back-from-the-jeers_31729.htm

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  7. 10 minutes ago, italian dave said:

    @Pezo @BessexRED One thing I am intrigued about. How the hell do you (not personally, of course!!) manage to get the things into the ground past the sort of level of searching that we had to go through at Millwall and Hull?? 

    Morning, officer ;)

    I've never taken one into a ground mate.

    I've been with people that have, but as someone said in the thread I don't think the chance of a three year banning order is worth it for a flare, despite the amount of money a banning order would save me.

    I went to Millwall and wasn't searched, the last ground I remember being searched at was Norwich. Leeds was pretty intense, full pat down and the sniffer dogs were going berserk for whatever reason but they let me in without challenge in the end. I'm not sure if it's because I usually arrive just before kickoff so they're usually ushering people through but I never really see a full, thorough search happen often. Derby is the only other one from this season I can recall this happening at.

    People just cack them or stick them in their coat pockets.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Lez said:

    I appreciate this and it is good to see..however fast forward a year and I doubt Rotherham forum will be as glowing.

    Either way I am unconvinced he is someone who will or should get a look in next season.....especially with us looking to push for playoffs. 

    I would consider another championship loan ideally to a side looking to use him as a cb

    For sure. The problem is I don't think you'll find many Championship clubs willing to take him on for a season with no view to a permanent move. When we got promoted to this division back in 2015, would you have taken one of Brentford's (finished 6th 14/15) youth CBs to progress for them with no view to a permanent if we wanted to do so?

    I think the only way we'll really find out is by chucking him in ourselves. I hope we give him the chance here to do so, I'm sure we will, but if not it could be that we look back on him as one of those that "got away".

  9. 27 minutes ago, Badger08 said:

    I put loads of money on for a few surfers for them never to be seen again, apart from on the side of bloody buildings. Bit of a joke really. 

    Are they held by the club?

    We should have the Murray surfer out for big games at AG, pass it along the South Stand.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Lez said:

    Interesting insight.....from what I can gather he has struggled at Rotherham this season. All be it at right back which isn't his position going forward 

    I never thought he looked any good at right back for us either mate. I didn't go to the MK Dons game when he was thrown in for his debut, but the game after Brighton knew all about him and I doubt Jamie Murphy has ever had a night where he's profited so easily from his opposite number in his career, he knew exactly how to get at him. I think he will have a really good career at CB, I know fans like to go overboard but if you read Plymouth's forum when there were a few hoping of signing him they seemed to think even we'd struggle to keep him in the long run.

    https://www.pasoti.co.uk/talk/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=102977 - have a read if you get a moment.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Davefevs said:

    Would you take someone like Ajayi if Kalas is a non-runner?

    I've personal different avenues I'd go to first than Ajayi, in particular Matt Clarke, but I think Ajayi is a good shout. People assume he wouldn't fit our style because he's a big black lump to put it frankly, but he's very good on the ball and can do a stellar job in midfield as well as you know.

    Personally I'm keen on getting Vyner in and around the first team, but at centre half. I watched him three times for Plymouth last season, once in the flesh, and he was head and shoulders above anything else on the pitch. He carried the ball well, was picking some fantastic passes and looked like a complete rolls royce. Admittedly, he wasn't playing against the likes of Sharp, Abraham, Adams etc that you'll find in this division but I think given a chance he'd adjust to it. Him and Webster would be an incredibly modern pairing.

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  12. Is this an explanation for the atmosphere at home being so poor this season?

    I know we should be willing the team onto victory not waiting for them to do it before chirping up but the reality of English football means that in 95% of grounds that won't be the case. Ashton Gate naturally is always more buoyant when we're winning, West Brom at home the atmosphere was very impressive and we were winning for over 90 minutes in it.

    Food for thought maybe.

  13. 10 hours ago, Redwhitepurple said:

    Brian tinnion confirmed on twitter 2 months ago its all agreed providing city want to pull the trigger

    So did Mark Ashton.

    Unfortunately this account is a fake one ran by a Leeds fan. If Da Silva wants to sign he's ours I think, Kalas is the one that worries me. Palmer doesn't look likely given his post yesterday, though didn't Tomlin do similar?

  14. 1 minute ago, JBFC II said:

    A Welsh man was killed at a game over 20 years ago due to being hit by a flare. 

    A 14 year old boy was killed by a flare at a corinthians match in Brazil 6 years ago after being hit by a flare. 

    Akinfeev, the Russian goalkeeper was hit by one durigg an international match a few years ago and was fortunate he suffered no serious injuries. 

    There's a reason they are illegal here and in Europe, and although there haven't been any serious injuries caused by them over here in many years, it doesn't mean they aren't still a health risk

    I meant for drug consumption being legal in Spain. I said two posts ago I’m not discussing flares with you anymore as we’ll never agree on them.

  15. 1 minute ago, JBFC II said:

    The purchase is irrelevant, the fact is that consumption is legal. Which shows that in some countries where flares are a regular occurrence, their lapse laws on other life threatening items highlights a lack of safety. 

    People seem to be looking over the risk that they can cause for human life because they  apparently increase atmosphere (which they rarely do...) 

    If you can provide evidence for your claims then fair enough.

  16. 1 minute ago, JBFC II said:

    In public places being the main phrase there, in your home you can take whatever you want... 

    And there are risks to flares, to think otherwise is odd to be honest

    So how do you go about getting these drugs? Unless you’re getting home delivery, in which case the person delivering is committing a crime, how on earth is it legal?

    No-one’s said they weren’t a risk in this thread anyway.

  17. 8 minutes ago, JBFC II said:

    I've drawn comparisons as in they are both things that happen in countries that risk human life which people partake in, fortunately flares are illegal here unlike the examples mentioned. 

    The Bradford fire incident shows that people didn't think smoking inside a wooden stadium would be a big issue, until something happened. Much like how you claim to have seen hundreds of flares,  if something bad happens (like the kid killed by one in South America a few years ago) then those hundred games become irrelevant. The risk is still there no matter how many times nothing happens. 

    And consumption of drugs isn't illegal in Spain, you can check if you want

    It’s a daft comparison but I’ll just refer you to Pezo’s post earlier in the thread about risks as we’ll never agree.

    I’ve looked it up anyway...



    Unless consumption in private is legal which if you can provide evidence for then fair enough, if so that’d be truly bizarre.

  18. 1 minute ago, italian dave said:

    Thanks for the reply. I can see how they add to the atmosphere (tho they do stink!). But I have a friend, City fan, with CF who has been sat next to and near people who've set them off and I can promise you it's not much fun when someone struggles to get their breath. Pretty sure that will have been at one or more of the 100 games you've been at (Fulham away 3/4 years ago?). Maybe that's the difference between us.

    I don't know enough about the circumstances at the rugby, but if they were the same type and had the potential to cause the same problems then I think the club is seriously at fault, and probably acting illegally. It doesn't make it right for everyone else to do it.

    I suspect that in countries where it isn't banned then you'd know which parts of the ground to avoid. I know that's certainly the case in Italy. If you've got CF you don't go onto the Curva, but you'll be OK elsewhere. 

    Have a good summer, and enjoy your smoke filled parties!!

    No worries. I’m not ignorant to the fact they can cause issues with people like your friend, so thanks for sharing that story.

    My only dispute was JBFC claiming they don’t add to the atmosphere. I’m not sure what games he’s been attending but the ones I have done they most certainly do. Fulham away is a great example, what a day that was. There’ve been a few this season as well haven’t there, Blackburn, Forest etc. 

    I’ll be interested to see what Julie comes back with tomorrow in regards to the rules of having them on the pitch at the rugby anyway.

    Enjoy your summer as well mate.

  19. 10 minutes ago, JBFC II said:

    They've been seen as a health risk, what happens in other countries is irrelevant. Taking drugs isn't illegal in Spain, does that make them harmless? Having a gun isn't illegal in the US, does that make it harmless? 

    Of course flares aren't as dangerous as them, but they do house a safety threat and have led to deaths in other countries. Because you maybe haven't seen it, it doesn't mean or can't happen. People hadn't seen anything like the Bradford fie before, and yet that happened. 

    Your last point is rather odd, asi rarely care about your posts, except of course when you mention me at random on posts I've not even looked at... 

    That first paragraph is incredible. You’ve really just drawn comparisons between a flare and a gun? And then gone onto mention the Bradford fire, again a bizarre point in the context of this discussion.

    Also, taking drugs isn’t illegal in Spain? I think you might want to double check that.

  20. 24 minutes ago, italian dave said:

    You keep telling us how much fun they are for you, but every time someone mentions other people's health you either ignore it, post eggplants or get personal.

    I'm just interested to know whether

    - you don't really believe that they can cause people with impaired lung function to have serious breathing difficulties,

    - think people like that shouldn't come to football,

    -  just couldn't give a toss?


    I’ve made two comments on it, it’s hardly persistent. I enjoy them, I think they add to atmosphere as do 95% of football fans. They are a health risk I’ve been told, though I must’ve been stood or sat in a ground over 100 times when a flare has gone off and I’ve never seen it harm anyone. I get that it could do, but if it was likely why are the club letting them off at rugby games and how on earth do people with these problems attend games abroad where half the people in the stand are holding flares and they hand them to you as you go into the ground?

    23 minutes ago, JBFC II said:

    He just has a personal vendetta against me, bordering on obsession. 

    I'd imagine (hope) he fully understands the health risks of them, but just enjoys them for how they apparently add to the atmosphere 

    You picked your battle JBFC, you were happy to jump upon every post I made for weeks and weeks yet don’t like it when you get it coming back on you.

  21. Been linked with him a few times, again today. I can’t imagine we’d want him if Palmer signs? He’d be another promising youngster from the lower leagues that doesn’t get much game time.

    23 years old and 15 goals 7 assists from midfield though, not bad.

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