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    Just shy of 2,000 we had turn up mate. Never went, but have heard all sorts of stories about it. The video is great as well. That post sums JBFC II up, complete snob. Bet he’s great fun at parties.
  2. Whatever — I don’t really care. I like Johnson, not always been his biggest fan so wouldn’t lose any sleep if he went. Read into his comments whatever you want, he’s turned down a bigger club than West Brom that are known to pay their staff very handsomely.
  3. BessexRED


    Outside the ground? Surprised he/she wasn’t nicked. I love them though. Massively add to atmosphere.
  4. Article published this morning that Johnson’s a man in demand. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/776739/Fulham-West-Brom-Brighton-new-manager-Bristol-City-Lee-Johnson-EXCLUSIVE/amp He’d without a doubt tell West Brom and Fulham to do one, but let’s be fair whilst not a massive club Brighton would be a great club to work at. 3/4 years ahead of where we are. If they sacked Hughton and went for him then we wouldn’t be able to do much better than getting Hughton in ourselves....
  5. Any giveaways from the 3 loanees at FT? Any waves or anything? Tomlin you could tell wanted to sign with kissing the badge and such, was a massive giveaway.
  6. I did consider this but then how often do Brownhill and Pack get taken off? The former especially seems to come on stronger later in the game which doesn’t add up either.
  7. ...that so often this season City have only really got going once the subs come on? Wasn’t in attendance today and I know we missed a few chances but those that went have said we only really got going once Taylor and Eliasson came on. The problem is, we start them and they struggle to affect the game. Pretty bizarre and something that needs addressing for next season, I can’t find any sort of logical reason for it. Either way, decent enough season. Shame to fall at the final hurdle but decent foundations to press on next season if we get it right in the summer.
  8. Derby had the best run in of the lot with about 15 games left mate. Bolton, Rotherham, Wigan etc all at home.
  9. Only Leeds could manage to downgrade on Peacock-Farrell
  10. And Derby get a penalty for nowt... incredible.
  11. How many goals is that this season now? Fed up of the ******* shambles of an association in charge of this league, bent *****.
  12. Will always split opinion Diedhiou, and those who don’t travel away won’t be as complimentary of him as a football as he’s much better suited to our game away from home. I think 5m looks about fair for him. We need a good striker in the summer though, some proper quality like we’ve had in the past with Maynard, Kodjia, Reid, Abraham etc. There’s a lot that needs moving on as well, on some significant wages. I love Baker but he’s one, Wright another, Watkins also and several others. Not today that’s finished us though, that was last week.
  13. Boro and Derby winning. Sigh, feel we needed an early goal for the nerves to creep in at the other two grounds to have any chance.
  14. Spare a prayer for those who were up at 5am travelling to Hull to watch Bailey Wright at full back...
  15. Burgess that is. Moore would be keen on staying at Southend, got a feeling we might cut our losses and just take a handsome sell on fee.
  16. He was turned down by clubs like Grimsby and Oxford so no he couldn’t have. Done a good job anyway. Remarkable that Notts have gone down with their squad, something gone badly wrong there.
  17. Sounds great that, hope you find a decent curryhouse. I was going to train it, do a night in Leeds then get back out early doors in Hull but if we did the unlikely and get into the POs I’m gonna be short for the rest of the month so will need to save my money for that. Looks like we’re gonna go up in the car, I’ve only missed a few aways this season and only not done one by train so it’s a shame but it is what it is.
  18. So did I, couldn't stand him as a player.
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