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  1. Marriott was supposed to be playing today as per Posh's owner on Twitter yesterday but didn't even make the squad.
  2. Posh have just signed Jason Cummings on loan. Replacement for Marriott that.
  3. He's not correct, we haven't had a bid accepted for him yet but have bid 3 times so clearly we think we can meet his terms if we're given permission to speak to him.
  4. Held face to face talks with our club representatives today, not been told how they've gone but I'm hopeful. He's interested.
  5. Barry Fry said there's a 10% chance of keeping him I think mate.
  6. Go and see if you can see him in the pre-season pictures mate.
  7. Not necessarily. We want Marriott and have done since the start of the summer, he's back from his holiday next week so I expect it to hot up. Us or Derby, depends on what happens with Vydra and when though.
  8. Pete O'Rourke saying we want Webster from Ipswich as Flint's replacement. Wanted a quality leader not another young lad - we're never going to progress properly and stop throwing away stupid leads if we don't have some experienced heads. No thank you.
  9. He's not back from Spain for another 10 days, from what I've been told that's not true but we shall see, can't doubt your track record on here.
  10. He's in spain stop wasting your time He didn't fly back to the UK
  11. Seems this is what swayed the betting market, can't be a big market you'd think.
  12. You not heard anything transfer wise this year KITR? spot on last year iirc.
  13. He's certainly quicker, and that seems to be the key in stepping up. None of Gregory, Bradshaw, Taylor etc have been prolific in this league when stepping up whereas Afobe, Assombalonga etc all have.
  14. Was Da Silva-Lopez they accepted it for, I was wrong to assume Maddison but didn't think they had anyone else that'd command a 7 figure fee.
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