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  1. You’ve missed the point completely.
  2. Well who else’s fault is it? We’ve received an allocation from Hull that we haven’t got near to selling out yet tickets aren’t on sale for our fans.
  3. Shame to have to have a moan tonight but another balls up from the club. I bet lots of people buoyed by that result would go to book the Hull game. But only they can’t, as the three unsold blocks aren’t on sale. Ridiculous.
  4. You know why? Because there’s very rarely a drum in an away end.
  5. Mhm I did think that. JBFC will be propped up on his high horse dishing out cock emojis and composing a bible as we speak.
  6. As I said in this thread I’m not particularly fond of London Bridge either. Leave the game early you’ll be straight out to the station no bother. Did it last year, saved us a lot of time.
  7. Fair enough, cheers for that. You're London based aren't you? We have an AirBNB I think so may as well make the most of it and stay out afterwards. May well try them.
  8. Yeah you're right. It's only about a 10-15 minute walk and there are plenty of pubs on route. After Millwall last year we got off at London Bridge and crawled all the way back to there via various pubs, it's not bad at all. Are any of you staying over, if so is there anywhere around the area to head that stays open late?
  9. Not a huge Wetherspoons fan but for Fulham away last year we spent about 5 hours in The Pommelers Rest by Tower Bridge with lots of other City fans, was a mint day.
  10. It's on the way. We're getting into London for before 10am so we'll make our way across throughout the day. I was just about to come in here and say the Bunch of Grapes has been recommended by a couple of people I've asked this morning about it. Going to give it a go, went to the Banker and Borrow Boy last year, complete load of shite.
  11. I've been a few times. I'm not keen on it personally, it's ridiculously expensive, the police try and kettle you into one pub and I just think given you're in London there are better places to drink. If you've any decent pubs to recommend around that area though I'd be more than happy to try it tomorrow.
  12. Is it? I don't think so at all.
  13. I’m not sure London Bridge is the best really. It depends when you’re getting there and how — we get into Paddington AM so will be making our way through London. I’ve found London Bridge is expensive (as are most places in London) and generally not great. Will be stopping off at Putney I imagine.
  14. BessexRED


    Think he’ll be off. Vyner isn’t a full back so that isn’t an option. Jack Stacey from Luton is supposedly the next big thing, one to have a look at perhaps.
  15. Got to be having a laugh haven’t you? Leeds fans are the most abusive of their own players in the country. Patrick Bamford’s averaging a goal every 130 minutes for Leeds his season and at Preston the other week they were ironically cheering him scoring goals in the warmup. Not sure what you’re on about.
  16. It’s over to you mate. I’ve been the biggest critic of Johnson, but he’s proved me wrong this season. He’s proved he can take this squad beyond it’s capabilities, and I think had we signed a striker and not recalled Semenyo it’d be a different story but that’s a debate that’s been and gone and I’m done with it. Johnson has my full trust now, it’s up to you Steve, please back him. He’s gained your trust, let’s have Kalas and Da Silva, let’s have some quality and go for it next season in the positions we need. Such a sad end to the season but we’re in a great position as a cl
  17. As I said. ******* joke.
  18. Job done according to Facebook this morning.
  19. ...at Radisson Blu Hotel. Do your worst lads.
  20. The podcasts are more entertaining if we lose I think, I enjoy the rants.
  21. Rubbish isn't it. I was going to transfer my ST over but shan't bother now.
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