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  1. A drunken post but after today we’ve got to create a siege mentality like Leeds have. It’s evident we ain’t getting owt, City vs the EFL. Let’s get against them, they don’t want us there. **** the EFL
  2. As I said. Figure turned out to be 1,621, you can’t trust the website it’s incredibly inaccurate more often than not.
  3. @Harry PM me as I have a solution for you mate.
  4. On sale now, 150 been claimed in 5 mins so we'll see if the 1,000 goes today. We did mate, we had 2,161. Same allocation as what we get this year.
  5. They sell the bottom tier first, if teams take less than 1,500 to Villa they're housed in the bottom tier.
  6. Perfect. Now just McGinn, Grealish and Tammy to be sent off please. And Albert but perhaps that’s being a bit greedy.
  7. Yeah, holds 2,400 but allocation is about 2,100.
  8. It'll make general sale mate I wouldn't worry.
  9. No, I and most around me were screaming at him to take it to the corner when he was bearing down on goal. It was a tight angle and there was a defender covering, the odds were against him scoring. If he missed and the ball came back into play that's one player we'd have in front of the ball when we were already getting overran, it was selfless and without a doubt the right move. The reaction when he won the throw-in was priceless as well, it's nice to see that the club's best interests were put first and not personal gain.
  10. Annoying that mate. Hopefully get 3 points and head back to The Masonic and watch the scores come in in our favour in an ideal world.
  11. Any idea why the good Friday game is a 12pm kickoff? I'd not realised until about 5 minutes ago, sure others won't have either. Pain in the arse that.
  12. Always good fun. Underestimated Villa, still not fully on board with the hype with them though. I'll believe a Dean Smith side getting over the line when I see it.
  13. No mate, created on the train back from Swansea away.
  14. Good mate isn’t it, whereas we didn’t even get the chance to choose what tier we wanted to be in at Villa.
  15. Was The Sun Palmer report from Nixon? Generally he’s a funnel for agents but he got the Walsh scoop in fairness so we’ll see if he’s right on this one.
  16. I’m well aware, I wasn’t disputing that but their website is exactly the same ticketing system as ours and the figures tend to be inaccurate. What I found out is that they take tickets out of the allocation for family members and friends which is why it’s usually a couple of hundred less than what it states. As I said we’ll see, I also said I’d be surprised if they take more than we did to them. If they do it’s a pretty decent effort for West Brom given they don’t have a lot to play for.
  17. West Brom had 3k at Preston at Saturday when top of the league, barely 1k at Sheffield United for a top promotion clash, less than 1k at Ipswich etc. Out of the four big west midland clubs they have the worst away support. We had just shy of 1.9k up there in the reverse fixture for mid week, I’d be very surprised if they topped that.
  18. 3k?!? Not a chance. Their away support is shit.
  19. Wouldn’t be any worse either in fairness.
  20. 1/2 sorted, another would be greatly appreciated.
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