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  1. Whilst I appreciate tinman’s Love child’s reaction video to that particular purple and lime combo, why do we need to have a massive change every few years? As an exile, if I’m wearing a city shirt I’d like people to be able to tell that’s what it is. If we had constant colour themes eg red/white, white/black and purple/lime with different but linked patterns eg sashes each year that would give us some recognition. I really liked that our purple/lime kit was noticed by other fans. That said, the away goalie kits are what has gone down best with the younger elements of my household in recent years... Just so long as we don’t try for comedy value to get noticed (eg wearing quarters!)
  2. After that I’m 16 points better off than last I looked and got two more badges. Apparently I’m only one point off the next level- so perhaps this reply will be enough. Think I’d better stop there though. Will we have to have a special section for the forum so that the people who get addicted to ‘progress’ can post there endlessly without clogging up the main threads. I’m off to write ‘I must not get addicted to moving levels and getting badges on otib’ 100 times - don’t get sucked in
  3. I thought I’d add a reply here and see what it did to my status... Will it matter that a couple of the ‘badges’ look a bit blue? (I am colour blind so willing to be corrected)
  4. Absolutely, that is a complete stunner!!
  5. I also remember the Tranmere game, was away at college so couldn’t go to many games. I was in the EE with a friend who was a huge Tranmere fan. Can remember waiting for the ref to give a foul when their striker headed in after levering himself up with both hands on the defender’s shoulders and he just didn’t. I knew it wasn’t going to end well (also the massive deflection for their first goal). I do remember the atmosphere being a bit ‘tense’ and asking my friend nicely if she could stop smiling so much as it might not be healthy. Then Joe came on as a sub and the roar was amazing and there really was the belief that anything was possible. It was rocking when we scored, I just wish I’d been able to go and experience more of that season... The first match back up against Blackburn was pretty good mind!
  6. Would it be possible to make an estimate from figures that have been given and issue a provisional punishment that would be looked at again if they cooperate properly by a given date?
  7. I’m a fishponds boy too, thankfully my dad is from Bishopsworth and had a season ticket, so I was saved from turning to the blue side... Did used to go to the speedway sometimes though. Don’t think there was any lasting damage!
  8. Thanks for sharing the link. It’s great to read such a positive story. He comes across as a very respectful and level-headed guy who hasn’t let success so far divorce him from reality and give him a sense of entitlement. I wish him all the best. And also to give a massive thank you to all the foster careers out there who do an amazing job, often in very difficult circumstances. You’re brilliant too!!
  9. Sorry to all the people wanting to put something through the screen with frustration at getting it to accept the right *** answer. On reflection, perhaps I should have said something stronger than ‘restricted and annoying format’. Like Royston I started off thinking about Forest for John Robertson (don’t know the other guy) trouble is even when that was wrong there were many possibilities for how they might want Notts County before I finally gave it up and remembered the Edinburgh connection...
  10. Really sorry if this already has a topic - just been on the BBC sport website and saw Football Rivalries quiz ( day off today...). You have to enter the clubs which match footballers from teams with a major rivalry (in a very restricted and annoying format). 10 pairs of footballers in 4 mins. Number One: John Atyeo-Ian Holloway. Says it all really - England international with massively impressive record vs annoying person best known for being mouthy on TV... (Quiz wasn’t hard btw) Nice to get some publicity though - and they rightly had us named first!!
  11. Evening all, I happened to be at MK Dons with friends watching the match against Lincoln on Tuesday night. It was fun to have a trip down the Kieran Agard Memory Lane. He provided the cross for the MK goal early on but still seemed not to strike the ball properly most of the time, just as I remember from the times I saw him for us. I actually spent a good proportion of the match watching out for Joe Morrell... I thought he played really well, he was often the deepest lying midfielder, coming back to receive the ball from the defenders and moving it forward. He generally kept it going quickly and I don't think I can really remember giving it away. Often the passes were relatively simple, but there were some long balls forward and across the field and they found their target too. He didn't do too badly in the physical challenges - it was quite quick possession football in the first half, but MK went a bit more direct in the second half - and won a good share even though one of the MK Dons midfielders he was up against was absolutely massive. He did venture further forward, especially towards the end when Lincoln were chasing an equaliser (which they never got, but did deserve) and I hoping he could find a killer ball, which never happened, but he did generally find a teammate at least. Overall I thought he played really well and kept Lincoln ticking over and playing good football, especially at League 1 level, and was always trying to be positive rather than just tapping it around for the sake of it. He might not be a revelation if he had to suddenly be parachuted into our side, but I wouldn't be filled with dread if I saw his name on the teamsheet either. It looks like this will be a brilliant loan move for him with the way Lincoln play and he'll be much the better for the experience.
  12. I don't post much, but just wanted to say how much I appreciate everything that goes into this thread. I may not understand all of the technicalities, but it's great to get an insight into how the outside constraints on finances work, and how the governance follows (or mostly doesn't!!) on from that. I can't imagine there are many forums (fora!!?!) with this level of discussion. Thanks again, TAc
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