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  1. Take it off Kalas, rate him as a player but doesn't appear to be a leader. We lacked organisation at the back the whole of last season, if the captain can't organise them there's a problem. Kalas regularly lost his man at set pieces and stood and watched them nod the ball home, he did the same on international duty too. Give it to someone else and let him focus solely on defending.
  2. I'd say that's great business from Milan, got him on a loan first with the option to buy so got to see how he'd suit Serie A. £50m is fair enough, selling to someone in their own league that needs a more specific profile of centre back than Milan did. I'm interested to see how Arsenal get on this season, making some shrewd signings and not got European football to distract them from the league, might be a surprise package. Although it is Arsenal, you'd expect some comedy somewhere down the line.
  3. Webster would also have been a good signing, but I think that's a good bit of business from Arsenal. They badly needed a talented centre back that knows the league and is English for their home grown quota. Time on his side too. Think Webster may well get a similar move in a years time. But to answer the question, no they won't be coming in for Kalas. Doesn't fit the mould and isn't good enough.
  4. You can say that about half the squad in fairness, the fact he's disciplined for Hungary but not for City suggests (without trying to make excuses or blame anyone in particular) that it's more likely to be a tactics/coaching issue rather than one from the player. Surely he doesn't forget his role and responsibilities in Bristol but remember them when abroad? That's not me saying it isn't an issue, it certainly has been, but there was clear improvement on it at the back end of last season.
  5. ? He nevertheless showed that he can be a quality championship midfielder, and has further shown his quality on International duty. Whatever the reason for his struggles at city (poor coaching, injury troubles, being homesick), it certainly isn't a lack of ability.
  6. He was class when he first arrived, played a blinder in his first few games before injury and looked good at the back end of last season. If he can return to that form, like he did at the Euros, then he’ll be huge for us this season.
  7. Celtic fans are delusional on Twitter, talking as if we’re a pub side when this our first pre season fixture and they have a champions league match on Tuesday…
  8. KegCity

    robins tv

    The usual streaming sites have the Celtic TV coverage so I’ve heard… Absolute joke from RobinsTV mind, no excuses with new technology etc, poor to charge a tenner for a stream of a pre season friendly too, did we have to pay for the friendliest in the US from a few seasons ago?
  9. We're lacking width badly, but other than that the squad doesn't look too bad when you take into account those to come back. The midfield especially looks solid in terms of depth.
  10. Would be ridiculous to get rid before the World Cup. He's just taken us to our second ever final and the response is sack him? No chance. However, as we saw last night and in the World Cup semi-final, he is too negative when we take the lead in big games. The team sat deeper and deeper as the game progressed and instead of pressing Italy and using our pace to stretch their older, slower back line we invited pressure that we could never handle for a full half. Bringing on Rashford and Sancho to take a penalty when they didn't have time to touch the ball during the match was also crazy, it's a huge ask for any player, let alone two who've barely featured all tournament. Lessons have to be learned, and I'm not convinced they will be as the same mistakes have been made twice now, but he completely deserves the World Cup to have another crack at a final. After that, unless we win or make it to the final I would say it's time for a refresh, I'd like to see Gerrard come in (or in a dream world Wenger but that won't happen). The future's bright for England, this team will only get better as the players continue to mature. I'll rave about Jude Bellingham 'till the cows come home but he'll bring some dynamism to the midfield that Rice and Phillips, for all their excellent attributes, lack. Another season like his last for Dortmund and he should be starting. A trophy in the next ten years seems pretty feasible to me.
  11. I hope he proves me wrong but aside from occasional runs of games I’ve not seen much to get excited about from him. Pearson may well be able to get him to perform consistently
  12. It’s a bland shirt and a strange announcement, personally disappointed to see COD modelling it as it’s a sign he’ll be sticking around. That said, I’d rather have a not so exciting shirt like that than a horror show like the anniversary kit.
  13. Think it’s evident from my posts that I rate him highly, but I’ll take this opportunity to rave about him again. Got high hopes for him this season, showed exactly what he can do when Pearson came in and I hope he’s still trusted to play start for us. Would like to see a lot of starts this season, not every single week, but he’s deserving of his place in and around the starting XI. He’s incredibly talented for a 20 year old, if he was English and out of our academy there would be ridiculous hype around him. This will almost certainly be his last season at the club, if plays as consistently well as he did last season under Pearson, we won’t be able to keep hold of him.
  14. Let it go. I'm not a fan of Brexit either, but life moves on. There will be a minority of people who make it an England v Europe thing, just as there will be a minority who are rooting against their own country because of some warped political battle that's still going on in their heads. The referendum was 5 years ago, you're within your rights to be against it and want back in to the EU, but praying for England to get knocked out is a strange way to deal with it.
  15. Very happy with that, exactly what we need on the pitch and is in the right profile of player, young and upcoming. Just a striker to bring in and the squads nearly ready to go.
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