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  1. A well written piece. Our club houses a lot of negativity; fans slating a player (i.e. Massengo) before he's even kicked a ball, based purely on his age and appearance i.e. he's not mature/strong enough. Reality is we've done business with some big European clubs this year: Monaco, Bologna, Chelsea etc. I for one am happy with our signings so far, especially Perreira in RB as I felt Hunt looked off the pace Saturday. That said, I still feel that we need a proven striker to assist Fammy up front and can't lie, I will be disappointing if the club fail to sign someone. I'm also slightly angry that it's taken so so long to get deals in motion: at this late stage agents/clubs can have our pants down over the price due to our apparent desperation.
  2. Excellent from LJ. Play to the whistle always. People talk of sportsmanship, but in this instance it's non-sense: so many players go down "in agony" only to get up and run around 30 seconds later. It's play acting and many of us have had enough.
  3. Respectfully have to disagree Harry. Thought the change of music was good and helped build the pre-match atmosphere. I thought it was noticeably louder prior to KO yesterday and it seems many posters on this thread agree.
  4. Chinese whispers are a funny thing. I heard this from 2 different people in and out of the ground yesterday selling it to me as gospel.
  5. Agree with your comments r.e. Diedhiou entirely: the bloke gets non-stop abuse, but the reality is he's not getting the service, especially as a lone striker. By Thurs we either need to strengthen the centre or change formation and put someone up top with him full time.
  6. Spot on, some of T-Shirts the lions are currently selling for a tenner are lush in comparison.
  7. Great comment Bob and spot on the money. What's frightening to me is that us simple folk can spot these glaring opportunities that would make the club thousands. But the highly paid marketing department within Bristol Sport aren't seeing it at all.
  8. Sounds like you know a lot more about the law than I do my friend! I just find it unusual that a club can have enough evidence to ban an individual but yet it can't result in a criminal prosecution.
  9. Very unusual case in that the police dismissed it due to lack of evidence, but the club felt they had enough evidence to ban the supporter. A dangerous precedent has now been set.
  10. It's so sad, we've got this lovely new/re-vamped stadium with good concourse facilities, but with the price increases they're only encouraging people to stay in the pubs longer. Plus the beer in the Gate is usually poor - you can get a much nicer pint from the Spanish or Beer/Tobacco Factory for less money.
  11. I have no hatred towards Flint. He was a good servant to our club. In no way malicious I can honestly say we've moved on leaps and bounds since then and he would no longer get into our starting 11. A tad gutted he signed for you lot of all clubs, but unlike some people on here, not going to spout abuse at the guy, he's a pro footballer trying to make a living and taking the best available opportunities. Footy fans will never understand that most players see football as 'earning a living' and have little or no loyalty/dedication to any club - if the money or opportunity is good, they'll move at the drop of a hat.
  12. Well said Popodopolous. Loved Football Italia in the 90s and glad to see certain clubs trying to carry the torch into 2019. Obviously Juve are now a huge brand, with Ronaldo and De Ligt. A shame AC Milan have requested not to be in the Europa.
  13. I hear you Badger. Thing is, club are in a predicament: damned if they do, damned if they don't. New branding demands a better shop, and I understand that's why it's closed - complete makeover. Whilst it's inconvenient for a few weeks, I'm sure when it re-opens (hopefully soon) the experience and goods on offer will be spot on.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/jul/15/lashana-lynch-new-007-james-bond-daniel-craig Sad but inevitable. The end of a great franchise. James Bond as a man retires, but the 007 mantle, and presumably the future of the franchise is being taken over by Lashana Lynch.
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