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  1. Glad to say like most people that both the performances and results have been better than expected Unfortunately I still think we struggle this season because unless we catch teams on the break we don’t have any threat going forward and will struggle to score against most teams. In terms of us using this year as a year for building a team for the future I am struggling to see the plan. Jury out on a lot of the players at present. Most have showed potential in short bursts but not been able to put in consistently high performances over a sustained period. We still have too many players in our squad who are either not good enough eg Kasey Palmer or have seen better years and are declining in effectiveness. Eg Chris Martin. On the positive side HNM has the potential to play at the highest level. If NP can turn this squad into a premiership team within 3 years he will have done a remarkable job. I think of our current squad of around 25 that you would say 4 or 5 are good enough, at least 5 shouldn’t be in the squad and the rest are unproven but with potential to get better with a couple of years experience.
  2. In my opinion HNM is the best player on our books. For me he has the potential to be as good as Gerry Gow and I hope we get the opportunity to see him develop for at least 3 more years. He should be one of the highest paid players at our club and if he isn’t let’s give him a new contract ASAP
  3. Spot on.. We are toothless going forward at present
  4. I can’t comment on tonight’s performance as I didn’t see it but I agree with your comments with regards to the Blackpool game. On the positive side on Saturday I thought that Atkinson looked composed and distributed the ball from the back very well especially in the second half. On the negative side we seemed to show no interest in getting a second goal during the second half when we were in control of the game which then led to us just sitting deeper and deeper in the last 10 minutes until Blackpool eventually scored having not been in the game for the first 75 / 80 minutes. I was disappointed to note the stats on tonight’s game show that FGR had more shots and had more possession than us but I don’t know if that was reflective of the performance. Based on what I saw of Saturday I might guess we just let them have the ball and applied no pressure in the last 15 minutes and tried to hold on for a 2-1 win.
  5. Unfortunately it doesn’t look good for us on the pitch, but I am really looking forward to going to Ashton Gate on Saturday and hoping for a big crowd and great atmosphere. I am trying to remember when we last opened a season with seemingly so little up front. Given how poor we were last year I was expecting a couple of signings to get excited about. To date they haven’t materialised. Still it’s a new season, our first with a proven manager in charge for a while, so hopefully we will ship more of the squad out ASAP to free up our wage bill and land another Tammy like loan before the end of the month. We do appear to be producing some promising youngsters and I am expecting to see HNM develop into a top class midfielder this season. My concerns are that we will struggle to bring the ball out of defence, don’t have a midfield player that can control the tempo of our play and keep possession when under pressure, and don’t have anyone who will score 15 goals plus for us. What I have just written makes us sound crap and I haven’t even mentioned our defending of set pieces and corners! We look to be in trouble on the pitch.
  6. Gutted. - as so many have already said my favourite City Manager. Top bloke, great player and good manager. Given the strength of affection that so many fans have for him it is a real shame that as a club and as supporters that we failed to properly show our appreciation for him more formally before today’s devastating news. Best wishes to his family.
  7. Well done Brentford, a well deserved promotion. Their track record in recruitment is up there with Leicester but hopefully we can fill the void in the championship that their promotion will create
  8. Maybe i got the tone wrong in my original post but I fully appreciate the need to sell players on both for the benefit of the club as well as the player. The reason I said that we may have a better chance of getting good up and coming players in if Brentford got promoted was that their track record of doing this is better than ours . Personally I would prefer us to sign up and coming players rather than experienced players that have already peaked but I recognise you need a balance within the squad. As for Fam he clearly downed tools last season . No fan likes a player not giving a 100%. If he has played the club in the way Nicky Maynard did then I understand why the majority are happy he has gone. However as I have no knowledge of what actually happened I wish it had played out differently and instead of signing Wells we had offered him a better deal well in advance of his contract being allowed to be run down
  9. Speaking with fans that have experienced Nigel Pearson in charge of their clubs previously they generally recognise his strengths but don’t share the high level of belief in his abilities that currently exist within our fan base. Personally I am really pleased we have at last appointed a manager with proven experience of managing at the top end of the championship/ Bottom of Premiership. He will at least recognise the standard of player required and the size of the challenge that confronts him. I got the impression that the selling of Josh Brownhill was the final straw for Lee Johnson with his relationship with Mark Ashton and he realised that we were never going to make the the top 6 if we kept selling our best players without an a ready made replacement available within the squad. For me the only time we did this was when we sold Kelly but converted Jay into a permanent signing. Letting Josh go without Liam Walsh being ready to replace him combined with some very poor loan signings completely derailed Johnson’s final season. Going into his final season letting Pack go after we had already sold Webster created huge problems as we had no one to bring the ball out from the back. Pearsons main challenge is recruitment, and getting the balance right within the squad between players who are at their peak now and players who are going to get better year on year but ultimately will leave us to further their careers. He has got a hard job selling us as an upwardly mobile club at present because we played like a bottom half League 1 team last year. If Brentford get promoted that might make our task of attracting up and coming talent more possible assuming we have the resources to identify the right targets Without a great transfer window I fear for us next year because NP was not able to get a performance out of existing squad We should never have signed Wells and I would be a lot more confident if we had Fam upfront rather than Wells going into next season
  10. GBF


    I didn’t blame David DeGea for missing the penalty but I did blame OGS for not substituting him before the penalties were taken.He is the last goalkeeper in the world you would want in goal for your team in a penalty shoot out Never looked like saving one. It is incredible how poor he is at stopping penalties for otherwise such an accomplished keeper. Statistically United were much more likely to win the shoot out with Henderson in goal for the penalties
  11. The naming rights for this is surely an obvious sponsorship opportunity for the Club and better than having Ashton Gate labelled with a sponsors name.
  12. 1st game was WBA in 75/76 and I went to the match hoping to watch Geoff Hurst play for WBA and supporting WBA. The next game I saw was the first game in Div 1 against Stoke and I decided to support City and have been hooked ever since . Looking at tonight’s threads and remembering 1986 FRT I can’t thank Terry Cooper enough for what he did in the Fourth Division days and giving me some of my fondest memories of watching City. He had been a key member of the great Leeds team, played for England but was willing to so hands on and put his heart and soul into the club.
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