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  1. That double tackle by tanner in the first half of which the first one was heard around the ground i think .. then the follow up as well would have given him a huge boost . Thought he was decent and those two games will have helped him realise he’s not out of his depth in this division…
  2. What happened after the game ? CATS were held back for ages so by the time we left it was quiet
  3. We’re on the coach , on the way and full of optimism …
  4. He looked busy but a bit clumsy . At least he drew men to him which could create space elsewhere . Certainly not afraid to run at them but lost his footing a couple of times / over dribbled
  5. We’re here and this is a bloody big stadium and we’re a tiny little part in the corner ..
  6. Just about to leave , quietly optimistic - fingers crossed . Now need to explain to kids in the car why their manager is actually called Colin as my youngest doesn’t quite understand ..
  7. I’m still in the queue waiting to get my vegan chips . I’ll save you a space if you’re on your way …
  8. Same here. Looking forward to it ..
  9. I must have been stood next to you as saw the same issue with the two people fighting . That was very random
  10. That’s exactly what I was trying to say- but you found the words better- I saw it season before last and Seems like a waste of space to me when they could get more cash - esp as they’re struggling as a club financially .
  11. When we last played there they had put a signing section next to the away fans in that other bit to reduce the away attendance . It certainly didn’t look full there and the rest of the ground was pretty empty also ! I assume they’ve done the same this year again .
  12. Spot on -we used ours last week to get the discount so can confirm it works.
  13. I’m with you RedM , going for the fact never been there and want to tick it off . Easier to do in august I assume then a wet February Tuesday evening .. from ticket sales looks like we’ve sold 250 which is decent !
  14. thanks - I wondered what sort of fuel cost We’ve decided to stay overnight . Kids first proper away day but didn’t fancy doing the journey back and forth In a day .
  15. Played for Coalpit Heath youth Fc then was snapped up by Saints when he was about 9. Still lives in the village now.
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