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  1. I’m with you RedM , going for the fact never been there and want to tick it off . Easier to do in august I assume then a wet February Tuesday evening .. from ticket sales looks like we’ve sold 250 which is decent !
  2. thanks - I wondered what sort of fuel cost We’ve decided to stay overnight . Kids first proper away day but didn’t fancy doing the journey back and forth In a day .
  3. Played for Coalpit Heath youth Fc then was snapped up by Saints when he was about 9. Still lives in the village now.
  4. No worries - if I can help let me know
  5. @frenchred I’m just about to print mine off - if you want me to do same and give them to you tmrw just shout and will do so …
  6. I know. Netflix couldn’t make a better few minutes of listening ...
  7. How have I never seen this before ...so I started to watch it during a meeting but forgot to put myself on mute on a Teams call so people could hear the German accent and me laughing ... Christ knows what they think of me now in work ...
  8. That first line is exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate in my mind as to his presence today. Spot on
  9. Oh my word you’ve just stirred up a memory of how the school hard nut, at the time , sought me out as I wore my city scarf in to school, the day after that result, and I promptly got a kick in .. apparently he was a gas head but I never knew .. everyone else seemed to be from then on in, so as not to get on his wrong side .. still don’t regret wearing the scarf in now as I knew we’d come good !!
  10. Work rate - That’s the bit that impressed me the most. A couple of tackles he did as well as closing down was really good to see .
  11. Agree thought Lansbury has been good . Few good defensive aspects from him
  12. I hadn’t realised who his dad was. But you’re right those players were looking across at the behaviour of their manager and realising that protesting every single foul/ throw in - and thinking that was acceptable. Every time I saw him It also made me want to watch ‘ the goonies ‘ as I swear he played ‘ sloth’ in that film ..
  13. Roberts was a tw3t. How many times did he feign injury and then roll around whilst pointing to the ref - in the 1st half especially ..
  14. Was just thinking the same . Late tackle isn’t it ?
  15. I found my gold city top the other day in the loft . Looked near perfect after one outing . Never wore it again after that day out ..
  16. Yes agree . 100% . Loved watching him . He was all over the pitch .
  17. Yes and given it away a couple of times - doesn’t look accurate/ comfortable with his left foot .
  18. I’m going to contact my credit card company and say my card was stolen and someone then decided to purchase the game , maybe I’ll get my money back !!
  19. Haven’t read back on the thread- so I’m sure this has been said - but is it really necessary to show Rooney every bloody 10 seconds
  20. Haven’t celebrated a goal like that for ages- great goal but even better it was semenyo ..
  21. I asked at the club shop on Friday if I could have the training top separately for my sons birthday - the answer was no . It was part of the prepackaged deal and everything was coming together .
  22. That was it in terms of info. To be honest I was so shocked at the flippancy of the way I was told I didn’t ask much else. I was planning on emailing the shop and asking them to revert my order to collection as I stupidly assumed when I brought it back in September that I’d not need to worry about the Xmas post!! I’ve ordered one shirt for my young sons birthday which was yesterday which obviously didn’t get sorted - that is unfair on him. the delay and lack of comms is beyond acceptable yet the nature of this shirt means you clearly can’t go and buy it somewhere else . I really don’t get how they can’t see it . The more I talk/think about it , the more frustrated I get - probably not helped by a certain result yesterday !
  23. Went to the shop today and was told the shirts are expected on the 19th December . So for Xmas deliveries that’s really pushing it .
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