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  1. More Grealish like I reckon cutting in on that right foot
  2. From what I can see , joe Williams doing some nice switches across the pitch and Alex Scott looking good on the left hand side cutting in on his right
  3. Nige spotted sat down to the right of the camera
  4. Not the best quality steam in fairness
  5. Still can’t see the YouTube link yet , same for everyone ?
  6. Couldn’t make it up
  7. You had to pick an official seat pre COVID and everyone still just sat where ever they want , it will probably be the Same this season , I doubt many people will want to stick with it because they will want to stand with mates etc.
  8. Cancer or a heart attack , stroke etc is a bit different mate compared to COVID which is something like a 99.97% survival rate and that’s without the vaccine.
  9. If you don’t have the app there’s no way you can get pinged
  10. Thrilled by this , as said by someone above it’s your own choice now and I’m glad we’re back to normal life , hopefully it stays like this for all the league/cup games aswell , roll on the start of the season.
  11. After this game can nige have a word with this trialist and get him to come here asap ?
  12. Just Imagine what it would’ve been like with a full capacity of 90,000
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