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  1. I was saying on another thread that in my opinion it would be good to allow Cardiff the whole atyeo end to make it a more lively atmosphere, obviously they can just have more police this time though to stop it being a repeat of the Swansea home game a few years back.
  2. Does anyone know if tonight’s game down there is pay on the day ? Me and a few mates are thinking of going and I can’t find it anywhere if it is or not
  3. is anyone else's he goal stream just froze on a screenshot from the ground ?
  4. anyone got any pics of what the attendance is like at the moment ?
  5. I agree, the two goals you can blame on him and there were 3/4 times where he was hesitant to drive with the ball and give it forward but apart from that I really don’t remember much else wrong from him.
  6. Lucky to see him twice when we played them away and at home in the carabao cup, I still remember the feeling when he scored in the last minute away to lose 2-1 was devastated.
  7. Does anyone know if the redraw is live on tv to watch again ?
  8. Gas are through to round 3
  9. Would take Williams out personally after starting two games since coming back from injury, would be a perfect game for Matty James to come back in to if not then start Massengo.
  10. Just listened to it then , he sounds excited to come back on Wednesday, I hope we give him a good reception !
  11. As said above to anyone who’s going , would be good to see some pics of inside the ground with a sell out crowd !
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