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  1. Unfortunately not much to play for this season! The amount of injuries etc is just a joke
  2. joenaldo


    Been below average since being here im afraid - I assume good experienced pro off the pitch but well off the pace recently (& set pieces nothing special for us so far!) Good pro for filling in here and there so no issues & I assume some sort of coaching thing here afterwards after he chose us over other clubs.
  3. Player much better than the champ if it wasn’t for injuries - from his point of view a disaster if long term injury as I imagine only came here to show can do a full season
  4. The time wasting to come will be embarrassing and will only have 3 mins added on!!
  5. Would of been nice to still have Cundy & then loan him out deadline day. Although I have never watched him just would of been a centre back in a natural position!
  6. I know its false hope but love thats its still possible!!
  7. Honestly after the messing around with contract made me think he had something about and was gunna prove something but now would happily sell summer just to break even (after wages if possible)
  8. Happy that brum had to play 120 mins on Tuesday but not sure it actually makes a massive difference to a professional footballer!
  9. joenaldo

    Adam Nagy

    If he buggers himself for Hungary I’ll be very disappointed in him. The player knows best if he’s injured but would be a joke two internationals in a row if he played then was out for a month!! last week baker got subbed because maybe he felt he might be injured (got blasted on here for it) then comes back with a good performance and a goal!!
  10. joenaldo

    Fifa 20

    In fairness the ratings are much more accurate imo compared to the last ten years!
  11. I like the sound of leadership stuff but at the end of the day we have Kalas at the back already I don’t too much more would make a greater overall performance. If he’s not been signed he’s probably playing silly buggers with wages
  12. Love him - great player and this year he is going to push on!! So excited for this team such a shame about JD we are looking a quality outfit!!
  13. There will be a wildcard of bakinson or someone similar I believe in the mix tomorrow
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