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  1. Thanks @Davefevs I thought someone would know!
  2. On the finance side, perhaps we were waiting for the EFL to confirm a suspension of FFP for 2019/20 and 2020/21.....but we've now got wind that this is unlikely (Ashton has close ties) and consequently we need to cut our cloth accordingly?
  3. I don't disagree with you. More of a club justification view than anything else.
  4. I just wonder if Holden would be markedly worse than LJ?
  5. Yes it's possible. But I expect us to be mid table next year irrespective as to who becomes head coach.
  6. The more I think about it the more I'm convinced I'll be Holden. This is a year unlike any other. Clubs simply can't splash cash or even budget for the next 12 months. Holden knows the squad. Transfer activity this window is likely to be minimal. He will be prepared to work within the current structure. 12 month contract. See what happens next year. I hope I'm wrong as we don't have a decent track record of success when promoting from within (Joe Jordan the exception I can recall) but given the global climate I can see the club protecting itself financially as much as possi
  7. Let me say that I don't think for one minute that Gerrard will come. However, if we are still in for him, he's got a decision to make. He's got to back himself to stay at Rangers or to come here. If he stays at Rangers and they don't win the league, he'll be the man who oversaw Celtic win a 10th straight title (and the 8th and 9th!!). If he comes here and fails to achieve promotion, he'll just be another in a long line of managers who have not got us to the promised land....it won't be a spectacular failure (unless we're at the wrong end of the table). I'd suggest th
  8. I maintain that JB isn't a full back! I'd love Dasilva with JB ahead of him!
  9. I honestly think we only signed him as an insurance policy against relegation that season.....But his impact (mainly assists) in the run in helped to comfortably keep us up. And an absolute top quality sh!thouser....possibly the best I've ever seen in a City shirt. Good luck Matty!
  10. When was the last time we appointed from within to any real success? Joe Jordan springs to mind. Nothing of note since.
  11. Didn't Roger Freestone score in consecutive matches for Swansea?
  12. keep an eye out for Daryll!!
  13. I was genuinely shocked to learn that the name Dinning doesn't derive from thief..... B@st@rd certainly stole a living from us...
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