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  1. You have told us more here about football and football management (and possibly Bristol City) with these two lines than 5 years of hundreds of us blokes droning on about recruitment, how "he set the team up," ffbloodyp, substitutions, whether the manager is shouting enough from the technical area during games, tactics, Parsons Street, expected blinkin goals, "assists" etc blah etc. Got anymore of this stuff?
  2. By channelling your inner Evangelical, American Christian television channel preacher, and bellowing the words (whilst perspiring profusely): "I'm doing this for your benefit, not for me!"
  3. What's the answer then? Never sack any manager, ever? Should we still have Alan Dicks as manager? Or Bob Houghton? Or Roy Hodgson??? Actually, we could've done worse than given Roy a 40 year contract, a job for life.
  4. Yes. Paul and George were ok, they were "nice." You wouldn't catch them streaming across the pitch, let alone taking Billy Sharp out. Whereas (before he went all, "I am the walrus") John, now he had that bit of nastiness about him ....
  5. 1963. When people started having sex.
  6. That was the kreck drugs, Spud. Back in the 90s, everyone was blissed up, loved up, and madferit = Deano/Bez. ie top human + nonstop dancing. Now, all this cocaine + booze = Liam Gallagher. ie ********.
  7. Produced some Bob tees with '34' on the back, in 1990, and no comments /complaints thus far. I think @GrahamC might've drawn our attention to the error had we been wrong ....
  8. And it's his son now running that side of things??
  9. As Big John Greig once said: We don't have tae take oor clothes off tae have a good time. Or go all the way to Seville. I don't think they sell Cherry wine down there, mate.
  10. We will Shirley be interested this summer
  11. What's that - 9% when they set off from Bonnie Scotland, and 11% when they get back?
  12. (Warning: this post contains content that includes stereotypes that some easily-offended souls might find offensive, but here goes anyhow) - Yeah, keep hearing that the cost of living, and food, and heating, and fuel, is tipping people over the edge, and they cannae afford tae fry their Mars bars or give their weans Lager. They must have "McKewan's Lager Banks" up there, I suppose. And all thumbed a lift off down to sunny southern Spain. Cannae think why they want tae leave the union, if they can all afford tae go oot on the piss in Seville right noo when inflation's 9% you have tae wonder if that First Minister of theirs isnae pulling the tweed o'er the voters ayes. Methinks the lady doth protest tae much. Or its all Celtic fans agitating for independence.
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