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  1. Correct. Top, top birding there Bard. Ashton is the opportunistic parasite. Ipswich are the clueless, exploited Meadow Pipits. And Lansdown was the Dodo, LJ the Great Tit.
  2. Think both went clothes shopping together yesterday
  3. Newcastle united, Gazza doing Lindisfarne. What's the Bristol equivalent?
  4. Does it include him doing "Fog on the Tyne" in his shellsuit? @glynriley might be able to tell us?
  5. "Take yer ******* tents home Monday, you smug ****** " is all she said, before fleeing the scene. Well said, Gret
  6. He's miles off Messi's level, a million miles. But so's every player on the planet, so no shame in that.
  7. Courageous woman on Russian tv managed it, what are they made of at Bobbins tv?
  8. That's what we, Bristol City, have - and Ipswich are about to catch: not Long covid, Long Ashton.
  9. Fantastic rant, magnificent. More entertainment in that than all of last night's Glasto coverage.
  10. @EnclosureSurge lived in Caaaanada a while back. Up in the Land of the Midnight Moose, a place called Val d'Or. I don't remember him travelling back for a game, mind it was about a day and a half to reach something resembling what we might recognise as civilisation from there. He used to have to wait for my airmail letters to arrive with news of Ray Atteveld's latest accomplishments. Then he'd write back about seeing a moose strapped to the roof of a large truck.
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