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  1. The thing is, the Plymouth '85 episode clearly illustrates the divide in Bristol football: - Rovers, fans "locked out" (don't snigger) at a part-time team's ground enclosed by a knee-high picket fence in need of repair manned by one portly copper on a bicycle and two septegenarian stews in the early stages of memory-decline, a ground yer Granny could probably get in to without paying if she so decided; and - City, hundreds pour off a train not even parked next to a bleedin' platform and make it hot-foot to a ground heavily defended by hundreds of plod armed with dogs, horses and helicopters.
  2. To be fair to plod, their "paranoia" as you put it wasn't without substance or reason (which then impels me to ask: can it have been paranoia given the reasons I am about to give?) coming as that game did a mere 12 months or so after the Reading game, and perhaps most notably (for Devon & Cornwall) our visit to Torquay the previous season. And just weeks after serious disorder - ie, not the often seen "handbags" and giving-it-the-big 'un posturing but near-mediaeval hand-to-hand combat with knives and milk float bottles etc - v Millwall. And a growing list of other serious disorder, such as West Ham that season, Notts County away the previous season (assuming different plods shared info) and more besides. In short, for a well supported away game at that time we caused a lot of problems for the host plod. Where plod were, perhaps, a bit dense that day, a bit 'Hot Fuzz' on the uptake, was in knowing that fans travelling on organised trains by 1985 were not the problem. The serious problem were the ones in the boozers around Plymouth the night before or by midday for a 3pm game, the ones travelling independently, the ones arriving beyond the scrutiny and the escorts of plod.
  3. Was on the train too. Got off with a few hundred others, crossed the tracks risking life and limb - City til we die, quite liderally - through a cemetry (sorry for your losses, Plymuff brethren; and sorry for trampling across yer loved ones remains), up a hill, into the ground. Lost 0-1. Think plod bundled us back on normal trains after. Fair bit of chaos that day, by all accounts.
  4. I will sit in your seat and harangue the ref/lino and/or the Blackpool midfielder/fullback who used to play for Cardiff/Swansea and who will go on to play for Rovers, for you. In your absence/if you like.
  5. When we can keep hold of the ball like Italy did, against the top sides, then we'll be ready to win something (and not play rather grimly for penalties) and perhaps give, if not free rein then maybe enough rein, to our attacking talent and be more positive. Those, or these, greater attacking threats we have that some feel were not used enough are very young but now have a bit of tournament experience and they will be 18 months further into their development at the next WC (should we qualify) and it might be that Southgate feels more confident to trust them. It is possible to look upon this summer as another step or building block along the way to another chance to do something momentous, just as it is possible to look upon it as a lost opportunity that will never be repeated and generally be a bit miserable.
  6. That's the furthest out he's ever scored from (source: the windmills of my own mind) without a deflection, and without including pre-season friendlies v Bath City.
  7. Getting to semis and finals does, though. Have another think.
  8. Cometh the penalty shoot-out, whereth Eric Dire?
  9. Miles better than the shoot-out defeat in Turin, and probably the '96 one at Wembley.
  10. All the tweet/social media haters poised, sweaty fingers at the ready
  11. Like to see the high foot to Phillips' midriff again, was it Bonucci? Funny that they haven't replayed it
  12. Probly why some don't want Gerlund to win, although for anyone with a Fiat, an Alfa Romeo or an ice cream van in Gerlund tonight you rather hope we do/they have a garage.
  13. Only bottles thrown? Where are the piazza chair throwers?
  14. Gulp. I don't think I can watch ....
  15. Those were the days. None of this "helicopter" parenting back then, just "off you go, and don't come back until it's time for your bedtime story"
  16. Was there not a better right back in Gerlund back then? @pongo88 @Ivorguy @cidered abroad@slartibartfast @Robbored ??
  17. If Hugh Johns is doing nothing tomorrow evening, I'd bring him in and drop that Sam Whatsisface to the ben .... to his sofa
  18. Just watching it now, on C4. In colour, no less. No replays, of anything. Or close ups of players flobbing and effing and jeffing. Or diving (Alan Ball should've gone down just now). Think we might do well to go back to this level of televised football. Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton look decent. And Gordon Banks a reasonable "shot stopper." I like the look of this Franz Beckanbaeur too. Linesman looks a bit iffy this side, though .....
  19. I can see 'Bakes' taking a bit too much of a liking to these things .....
  20. If they stick to Dougie Donnelly and Archie Macpherson on STV and listen only to Radio Scotland and read only their own newspapers and basically go about their days independent of us then they will have ltitle difficulty avoiding us "banging on" about anything. But they hardly know they exist in any way at all without us to refer to, like a baby doesn't know it exists without the presence of another person/it's mother (or primary caregiver).
  21. They won both those games here. I only went to one think it was the second game 4th round of the cup.
  22. Agreed, cats just wouldn't wear it (miserable things that they are, imho).
  23. I wonder what Tom Ritchie, Trevor Tainton and Gerry Sweeney were doing whilst Super Kev was posing with girls in just their knickers - running up and down the Dolman?
  24. And Maradona's genius other goal, because Hoddle is blatantly fouled in the centre circle which is how Maradona finds himself with the ball. Also, Tostao elbows Alan Ball in the mush in the move that ends with Jairzinho scoring in Guadalajara in 1970. And West Germany's second in '66 would also be disallowed. We could go on ....
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