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  1. Yes, Mark Ashton no doubt of similar mind to yourself there, squire
  2. Didn't tell me mum what time I'd be back that day, either: nawty
  3. Nothing Nige hasn't tried before (never did him any harm)
  4. Nor me. I've gone in the home end (or side, in fact) at Walsall though. Without asking, too.
  5. You're perhaps past that kind of shenanigans now, if I may be so bold
  6. Dave, surely it's : Cook, the Thief (Ashton) his wife and Lover Johnson (two-fingered end)?
  7. Might make posting on here easier
  8. How quaint! Ever tried steaming in the home end? Or buying tickets in the home end. "They wouldn't allow us!"
  9. Er, we need the cash, don't forget. So a replay, and then another replay it is (like Cambridge /Aldershoot)!
  10. Swindon aren’t a massive draw and you're getting about 8,000 a week to watch yerselves. Where were the other 6,000 today, then?
  11. Rovers love going there. They get quite excited. I think it's an opportunity for them to feel "big," to feel like big boys with the safety in numbers of 2k, a chance to puff their chests out and congratulate themselves on their "massive" following. And not get (much) of a kicking/maybe give a few locals a kicking, should numbers be in their favour. Perhaps being kind you might call it "enthusiasm," something we ran out of years ago, certainly for trips to places like Walsall /the West Midlands.
  12. 1500 × 30 = Kasey's wages for this fortnight. Cheers Derby.
  13. Not if goes back the scenic route; the M4/A34/M27 maybe ....
  14. Give him a chance. We can't all cycle home in ten minutes
  15. Pet hate : "ignorant people" is the one I always remember.
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