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  1. How anyone anymore can doubt the progress we are making - the strides we are taking - on and off the pitch, beggars belief. Whereas once we bought and sold over-the-hill sh1te and mediocrity for no obvious gain, then we progressed to selling players to clubs looking to gain promotion to the Prem (Heaton to Burnley; Baldock to Brighton; Flint to Middlesbrough etc) now we find ourselves selling our finest to clubs probably going to struggle and/or be relegated from the Prem (Reid to Cardiff; Bryan to Fulham; Webster to Villa). We have even, now, moved into a new dawn for us and begun to flo
  2. Very Bridget Riley (no relation) this design, well done Bristol Sports!
  3. Bloody Wolves flag flying now, as the charlatans play....can we get someone down there next year with our new "robin" thingy badge flying high/in view of the cameras?
  4. "I fell in love with, er, Lucy Bronze" four years ago, when she fired in a belter from miles out. Also against Norway I think. Feels more right than being in love with Marlon Pack, no offence Marlon (it's me, not you).
  5. If Luke Freeman can get to the Prem, then (it must follow that) we can get there too. Can we not? Or doesn't it work like that?
  6. Gertrude Stein once said "there is no there, there" but we have been "there abouts" plenty long enough, now. It is time we were - are - there.
  7. They can only "descend" if people respond ....
  8. Yes, indeed. So much ambiguity - are we doing blinking rather well, for us? Are we going round in circles, while "the likes of" Bournemouth and Huddersfield just grab their opportunity? - so many ways to interpret how we are doing. If you are prone to pessimism, and seeing what's wrong, or missing - a bit of a "bed-wetter" - you can find an interpretation to fit with that mindset. If you are generally a cheerful, see the good in most things, what's-the-opportunity-here - a bit of a "happy-clapper" - you can find an interpretation to fit that mindset. Put the two mindsets toget
  9. Going by what my 14 year old listens to and plays for me, let's not.
  10. ....and we've never been at war with Portugal (is this a myth, or fact? Think it's correct) either. And Portugal provided "logistical" support during both the Falklands in '82, and WWII. As, no doubt, they are only too aware. Yet still they do this?
  11. I recall him driving around in an expensive car at the time - Daimler, think it was.
  12. Because it is preferable to inhabit a "reality" of your own making and choosing, when the truth is too awful (mundane/unremarkable/unnoticed) and painful to deal with. Rather like President Trump does, and is doing today in London.
  13. First time I remember being a Bristol City fan would be August 1979, first game of our last season of top class football. Leeds at home, 2:2. Sat in the Dolman, with older brother. Lift to and from the game provided by friend of parents, someone who still goes now and took us most weeks of that relegation season. He used to moan and grumble a lot, driving home post game/defeat, and was the first adult I knew that swore. Still going now (my lift back then), still grumbling. But that was not my first time at AG. That came in April '78. Man Utd on a Tuesday evening, Stuart Pearson scored the
  14. Yes. We tried to get an upgrade - we did upgrade - on ML following promotion. We had a few that were miles better technically - Fredericks, Matthews - but ML continued to contribute as a squad player for longer than we probably intended. Being one of the boys clearly helped. A good lad, committed and physical, but not good enough for us at this level four years ago, let alone now.
  15. It would appear the grass isn't greener over there
  16. Goodbye to Keith, our trusted "Chair." We had joy, we had fun; we had League One on the run, But the joy didn't last, cos the bastards tried to renegotiate the done deals Cotts had done wiv Harry Maguire and Andre Grey before he went off on his summer holiday/ never backed him. Allegedly. Please do not "discuss." Wishing Keith the very best of health, and enough years at least to see City reach the top and/or Spurs to win something.
  17. Although you jest, you are also serious when you say this, I imagine. You've never heard of the 'Illusion of Explanatory Depth' bias, have you?
  18. I think by this point Godsiff was sports editor, or some loftier position, with Perry covering them and Latham us. As I remember it. Could be wrong. All so very long ago now (although some things still come to mind easily, clearly....) I'll get down the central library over the summer and check....
  19. To be fair to them, I don't think they actually started all this "tremendous support" fairytale Jackanory silliness. As I remember it now, the E. Post initiated this when they left Eastville - because of not owning their own ground, which was a result of insufficient dosh, which was a result of having shite support (which was a result of having a shite team, which was a result of having shite support. Which was .... etc etc) - and trudged over to Bath - a journey of about 9 miles instead of about 4 from the Few "heartlands" to home games so a massive show of faith there (not exactly Brigh
  20. ....me too. I mean, when a fellow is being so obviously unreasonable, all these posters trying to reason with him - what's that about? Deluded!
  21. Because we will never have enough information anyway - I mean, we sign Sammy Sazmodric and that makes your guess less wild than guessing now? This, and people don't have anything better to do. People like me, and you.
  22. Are you also saying: we are currently stronger than you can remember? And have nothing to fear now, from this division
  23. I always thought the Stones opened at AG in '82 with "Start Me Up" - an obvious set opener, may be too obvious - but apparently they didn't. It was "Under My Thumb." I looked it up on one of them "set lists" sites. Who spends their days compiling lists of songs played at gigs more than 30 years ago?
  24. My list's bigger than your list, now. Anyone got a bigger list?
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