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  1. You can listen to both If you press the pause button (on Listen Live, on robins TV) and then delay it for a minute, it will catch up with watching it. I watch Robins Tv on my Ipad(Apple Tv) then listen with headphones on my phone on listen live on robins TV. Works a dream
  2. Jay Dasilva is a great left back?? Not sure I agree with that. Would walk into many Championship teams at LB. Agree on COD, worst bit of business by the club. Was obvious no other clubs came in for him and we gave him a massive contract
  3. I’m hoping to airplay onto my Apple TV, anyone know if this works? or is it a bit like the sky sports app and blocks anything being streamed.
  4. Did a job down on a road by the away end At the mem earlier in the year, the guy was so P****d off. As the match balls kept going in his Garden. He asked them to put a net up to stop the balls going in his garden and they said they won’t be putting a net up. So he no longer gives the balls back and Keeps them in his garden. He Gave me a match ball. I Rubbed the BRFC off straight away when I got home
  5. Unfortunately, there are a lot more football fans in all of these postcodes. Many supporting Prem teams, we are as a collective, a poor supported footballing City considering th population of Bristol Ive managed to get 2 friends in the last few years. (In our late 20s) one who supported Liverpool but never went to anfield now has a ST here and now loves City. The other a die hard Chelsea fan (Generation thing) who sees City as his local side and also has a ST. These are the ones I would like to See in City kits and coming down to AG. Not too worried about the Gas as they are a l
  6. I also agree, I would scrap all cup competitions to allow all games go ahead next season Also international breaks to be scrapped or shortened. Broadcasting and tv rights would be affected, Champions League/europa League etc also smaller clubs who Rely on cup revenue would be affected but I fell this way, you may be able to fit in fixtures.
  7. Or do something similar in doing an entire season of the youngsters who are on loan/ On the bench and see if Johnson really is blocking the pathway
  8. As others have stated it was very disappointing yesterday. It felt exactly like any other normal game, even when we got to our seats in the dolman at 12:15 I couldn’t hear anything or see any of the players. Even though I wasn’t born to watch City in the 80s, id of still liked to appreciate the former players. Luckily City did a thing on Social Media, interview with Tony Thorpe otherwise I wouldn’t of even known he was there. Can’t see how they can rectify this balls up tbh
  9. I think like the OP was saying, I’ve never seen us in the top flight. So would be great to see the big teams at the gate every week. Financially it would be great too. Although the games on Saturday 3pm KO would be very few and far between, even worse than the Championship for awkward KO times.
  10. I must be one of the few who actually like this, A unique kit. Haven’t spent my ST rewards yet, so might actually look at getting it
  11. Good listen as ever @Shtanley
  12. Always enjoy Sound of the City, I don’t listen live but always catch up in the week. Enjoy many podcasts at work, as I do a bit of driving. Along with OSIB, robins on the wire and that Peter Crouch Podcast.
  13. Quick tip, Westfields shopping Centre has a massive car park. We parked there for Fulham Away, QPR also were playing at home. Plenty of spaces. £9.50 Car parking. Right by Shephards Bush station
  14. Being a ST holder in the Dolman at 6ft 6, I feel your pain, I’m constantly asked to sit back and lower my knees by the people infront So I’m sure I can cope with another 90mins of not feeling my legs
  15. Was superb against PNE away last season, made a difference. He needs a loan in league 1 for the rest of this season. I do feel in some games at home this season, when we are launching long balls up to Fam, That Semenyo could do that job and hold the ball up but never given the chance.
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