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  1. Only a pre-season game but lost 0-4 at home to WBA today.
  2. bcfc01


    Hope so, as O'Dowda is terrible, just lump it in the box and hope for the best - if it gets past the first man of course. I agree with @BOSRed, there doesn't appear to be any plan when taking corners, just hit and hope.
  3. QPR should make the play offs minimum imo. Looking in very good shape.
  4. Good attendance for a friendly game. Didn't expect that many.
  5. Two goals for Pitman today in the half hour he played..
  6. What's the difference ? Its a rail and a seat which is in the up position permanently unless someone sits on it. And much cheaper than ripping out loads of seats for the same end result.
  7. Agreed. I was hoping that Conway would do the same as I think he is a top prospect, but it seems he didn't make enough of an impression. Bell looked very good today against good opposition and did his chances no harm at all.
  8. He didn't do himself any favours to be in the team next week.
  9. 1. WBA 2. Sheff.Utd 3. Fulham 4. Bournemouth 5. QPR 6. Stoke 7. Forest 8. Swansea 7-16 Free for all including City 17. Cardiff 18. Hull 19. Luton 20. Barnsley 21. Blackpool 22. Peterborough 23. Derby 24. Coventry
  10. Villa will bring 2k+ but I still can't see this being over 6k.
  11. Also lost at home to PNE and West Ham (6-2).
  12. Can't see it being less than 20k.
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