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  1. Willy wiggling rather than willy waving.
  2. He looked a lot more mature in his game than those around him at u23 level imo, especially lately. I've been saying for some time (years) that he had something about him which made him stand out - just needed the chance and a little run in the side to give him that confidence. I'm pretty sure Wells has helped him along. As @Davefevs said, he seems to have put on some muscle and also looks a bit quicker this season as well. His fitness shouldn't be a problem as he was top in just about all measurements in pre-season as I understand it. I'd also be disappointed if he isn't selected for Sundays game.
  3. bcfc01

    Sending off

    Yep, opening game of the season v Brentford, Kung Fu type kick to the chest.
  4. bcfc01

    Sending off

    Having watched the replays several times; Definite red card these days (and Freeman should have walked as well). Its no excuse that Sykes was clearly fouled in the build up to the sending off, he should have known better. Definite penalty, no doubt about it imo, another dreadful refereeing decision.
  5. Great post. Why not get the best refs from around the world into our game ?
  6. Message to Nige - Don't let the bastards grind you down.
  7. No, we are ok now. But when we lose again, we'll be a mess. I think thats how it works anyway.
  8. The ones on the field are not up to the level, nowhere near it and they aint going to get any better. They need someone checking up on them during a game, not after.
  9. Have to wait for the clubs highlights as Sky just showed our goals and three shitty attempts by Luton as their highlights.
  10. I don't disagree re the idiots. The people operating VAR are referees - the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. But at least its a second check on the clowns on the field using video and technology.
  11. In your opinion. Mine differs.
  12. This is going to get a hell of a lot of attention. He'll get a lot of support from clubs but get fined heavily from the old men in blazers - I hope he gets some financial support in that. He's right, the standard of officiating is crap and he's also right - someone has to say it. Its all very well that clubs get letters from the authorities saying the decisions from officials were wrong, but thats after the event and could cost people their job. I hate VAR, but the officiating is so ******* appalling, its the only way forward and the sooner the better. Professional referees my arse.
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