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  1. One of the best episodes, really enjoyed the programme. Worth a listen; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09wqnsv
  2. £30 for adult in E34. Steep, but not £33. E34 Member Adult£25.00 Member 65+£22.00 Member Under-25£22.00 Member Under-22£20.00 Member Under-19£10.00 Member Under-12£5.00 Adult£30.00 Senior 65+£27.00 Under-25£27.00 Under-22£25.00 Under-19£15.00 Under-12£10.00
  3. Sunderland game postponed. Only four games in L1 today, postponements due to international call ups, including Accrington v Fleetwood and Morecambe v Cambridge...
  4. If there's any structural damage the game will be off. I assume there's time to find or build an alternative TV gantry ?
  5. I played with a 5'8" keeper who was released from Southampton aged 18 as he was deemed too short. He had a leap on him that was incredible and hands like shovels, couldn't be knocked off the ball in the air, and was as quick as lightening off his line. He was a combined services keeper and also a combined services basket ball player, probably the best keeper I played with. Unfortunately, it was the 70s and you needed to be big whatever position you played to make it in the pro game. The absolutely worst time for English football.
  6. Death was a 5'7" keeper... Not many of those made the grade.
  7. Chiqui Arce - ex Paraguay international Badwillie.
  8. Particular favourites; Andre Muff - ex Swiss international Ralph Minge - ex east German international Rod Fanni - current Marseille and France footballer There's a trend here....
  9. Top of the table game. Cardiff played 5 and won 5 City played 6 and won 5
  10. The club said he left after lengthy discussions, he may well have got a pay off which would enable him to take a cut somewhere. Can't see him in L2 though. But if so, Barton and Tomlin - what could possibly go wrong ?
  11. We all see things differently and I have to say I didn't see it like that at all. I thought Pring was the pick of the team in the first half and did well in the second half, defensively sound and got forward when he could. I like him a lot. Having said that, I wasn't there and I didn't watch it live, just watched the whole recorded game.
  12. I'll give you Blackburn and Burnley, don't know about Bolton, but Leeds and Sheffield are ok imo (especially Sheffield).
  13. Not sure where you get doxxing from, its all in the public domain and not personal information.
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