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  1. GMG resported that City contacted Rangers to assure them that no contact had been made.
  2. Nope - not according to Gerrard or his reps and the club contacted Rangers to say they had not contacted Gerrard or his reps. Myth.
  3. Is it possible that this is one element of why this is taking so long - looking at tweaking the structure ? Its been said many times on this forum that to get someone like Hughton in they will have to compromise and change the structure to accommodate him. I agree that MA has too much on his plate - he's a very competent CEO, but that has nothing to do with recruitment where you cannot compete just with data and analysis against a seasoned professional with an eye for a player. They either keep it as it is and employ Holden or tweak it to employ Hughton or the like. We'll
  4. Gerrard said he nor his reps had any contact with City. It was reported by GMG that City contacted Rangers to reiterate that no contact had been made.
  5. Well, that's your opinion, mine is different. Ibrox holds just over 50k and they regularly fill it, with the EPL monies they'd be a big force within 2 or 3 years imo and if they expanded the stadium to 80k they would fill it in the EPL easily. Celtic the same. They are both held back by the mickey mouse league they are in.
  6. Bournemouth supporters having a similar discussion as their resident assistant is now 2/7 and skybet have stopped taking bets. Complete with all the same lame jokes "Eddie as his number two" etc etc. But they're not having a meltdown fair play.. Oh. Hughton was 10/1 before betting was suspended on skybet he's 6/1 for the Watford job with Cook at 9/2. Both are respectively 7/2 and 7/1 for the City job.
  7. Both top 6 within 2 or 3 years imo. Massive clubs in a very small league at the moment.
  8. Him big chief with words of iron and fire in his belly. It will be Hughton.
  9. Holden is on his holidays isn't he ? Don't blame him and hope he can relax - he probably doesn't know if he's hit the jackpot or out of work. In that respect, he's probably being pissed about more than anyone else. Players back in on Monday I think - not a lot of prep time..
  10. Well, thats where the compromises have to be on one side or the other - probably on the clubs side as Hughton will be in demand and there are/will be jobs which will interest him. Same for any other decent manager I would think. Lets hope the club makes that tweak - or Holden gets in the back door. Last seen sticking out of Lez's arse.
  11. I think Gregor got a bit mixed up - saying Cook instead of Howe. Especially as he also said Cook had an interview.
  12. Damage in interview ? What damage is that then ?
  13. Would Holden or Hughton need second interviews ? Holden has been here for a few years and Hughtons CV says it all - one interview should be enough for both. Then give it to Hughton.
  14. Gerrard himself said it was bollocks. That should explain it.
  15. Tbf, I wouldn't say the club has never been in a better place. Yes, we have a decent stadium, we have a new training ground (building looks huge, passed by yesterday) and good owners unlike a lot of others. In that respect, all good. But we're in the middle of a global pandemic with the season interrupted and prolonged, no spectators allowed, and losing millions which will undoubtedly have a big negative effect on how the club operates moving forward. That must have a bearing on who comes in as the new manager - both the club and the new bloke need to be realistic and take the above into
  16. It worked to perfection - credit to Parker and Joe. Brilliant goal.
  17. Probably the same types that did the sheets for Johnson They obviously haven't got a lot going for them and need a focus in their lives and this is it at this time. I agree, if it makes them happy, each to their own I suppose
  18. You'll be lucky - he can't stop himself
  19. Another ! Brilliant Holden now 1/4 with Skybet (they're head are gonna explode soon)
  20. Joe letting slip the F word live Great game from him. Nice to see.
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