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    It won't happen. MA too busy signing autographs for the poor suckers. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/537042/page:1
  2. When he talked about the teams unity and togetherness and that is more important than talent, I couldn't help thinking of Bakinson and how one player can disrupt all that - not that I know anything about his situation other than what I've read, just a general observation about how important it is to get the right characters into the set up, player and staff alike. The teams under Wilson, GJ, and SC, had that unity in bucket loads and were generally successful (although it could be argued that under DW the unity was fuelled by booze). NP has banged on about it as well, I hope he can build that unity this season.
  3. bcfc01

    Alex Scott

    Not sure who you had in mind as he retired from the professional game at 50, although he did play an exhibition game at 70 but done his cartilage (he said it was a promising career cut short by injury). He died aged 85 whilst on holiday in Tenerife from an illness (not sure what).
  4. Then why comment on the interview ? The "blase" comment needs to be taken into context with the question and, after 26 years or so of pre-season interviews, I'd be a bit more blase about it. Its not like its his first pre-season is it.
  5. July 19th; Forest Green @ 14.00 Exeter @ 16.30 Chippenham @ 19.30 I would think the first two are a squad mix and Chippenham the academy squad.
  6. Like it, definitely not a run of the mill design - love the robin on the back of the shirt
  7. Few posts on here as well that are ignorant and disrespectful - couple now gone on ignore, absolute ****wits.
  8. He's also a geat lover of cats. A Cataholic.
  9. I think he was quoting the Coventry fans on their forum..
  10. I think we'll hear from Baker at the end of this month. Its now obvious that the club aren't going to say any more than they have already done.
  11. Surprised you actually reached 51
  12. All over Diouf more like.
  13. Well, Wednesday at the moment. We have Wigan away on the saturday so it won't get put back, but could be brought forward to the Tuesday.
  14. Yep. Weds 10th August. Short trip up the motorway.
  15. Slightly disagree. I don't think we will be anywhere near relegation whilst also thinking we'll be nowhere near the top 6. But I am cautiously optimistic of a consolidated mid-table position.
  16. Agreed. And the acquisition of a couple of lower league players plus one from non-league, whilst the likes of Palmer and O'Dowda will register negatively with them. They can't be arsed to do a bit of research to find out exactly what is happening at clubs, just lazy, lazy, comments which is to be expected.
  17. bcfc01

    Alex Scott

    Totally agree. That number 9 needs to learn that its not all about him.
  18. Or Rotherham don't go straight back down.
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