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  1. So we can definitely rule out Gerrard then ??
  2. Should never of sold JB Johnson Out
  3. The Hove Genocide of 2011 that sarcasm proper made me laugh
  4. I wonder if he’ll make the new Manager change his surname to Johnson
  5. Or a bloke called Steve On a Monday as well .... Sick
  6. Who’s been lumping money on Michael Flynn ... now 4/6 favourite on Skybet
  7. My thoughts entirely ... I’ve not renewed either... I’d much rather go for a 90 minute walk in the country than endure the crap depressing football served up by LJ
  8. So in simple terms for this simple person they are debt free but wont own anything ! it will be interesting to see how it un ‘folds’
  9. Really enjoyable listen... possibly my favourite so far Well Done Lads
  10. Good of him to come on some interesting points discussed but didn’t enjoy this one as much as previous podcasts ‘do ya know what I mean’
  11. Met Bradley Orr a couple of times and always came across as a genuinely nice bloke I also seen him make his prem debut for Blackburn at the emirates..... Blackburn lost 7-1
  12. hmmm think it goes a something little like this...... “**** Off back to league of wales **** Off back to league of wales **** off back **** off back **** Off back to league of wales you.....
  13. If a city fan came across a sag in a canal he would realise that the sag was just having his Monthly wash
  14. Far more interesting idea for a Poll What takeaway shall I get tonight ??
  15. Last season the only ground I had left to tick off in the league was Wigan and they stick it on a Friday night on Sky! Took me 7 hours to get there ... ...this season the only ground I have left to tick off is Huddersfield and they bung it on a Tuesday night Looking forward to the drive up!!
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