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  1. I's say so, on the plus side we only have to play 2 top 10 sides (Millwall, Brentford) in our remaining 12 games, so we have an opportunity to pick up some decent points. A top 10 finish must be the target now which I do think we will achieve.
  2. I'd like us to play a 3-5-2 but I don't think we have the players available yet for it to be successful, nor do we seem able to get the best out of the system currently, whether that's down to coaching or not is up for debate. I'm actually leaning towards a diamond midfield: Hunt/Sess Kalas Vyner Hunt/Towler Nagy Semenyo Paterson Lansbury Wells Diedhiou I've put Vyner in a CB role simply because I think he'd offer more solidarity to the defence over Moore. He's also more than capable of bringing the ball out of defence. Semenyo and Paterson can easily be swapped for Massengo and/or Bakinson if you want to shore up midfield. It would be quite easy to adapt it to a 4-1-3-2 if you swapped Lansbury for Bakinson. Semenyo isn't a main striker... yet! I don't think it's his best position right now, maybe once he has improved some more he'll really make it there. With his pace and power he could cause problems on the right hand side and certainly has the pace to get back and help out defensively too. Semenyo is best when he has space to drive at a defence, I'd be looking to have him pick up those pockets of space and split the defensive lines as he can be difficult to stop when he gets going.
  3. Get well soon fella. Thankyou for THAT season which will live long in the memory with all us us.
  4. Rowe's injured affected us I grant that. Second half though.... Sitting back + no pressure on the ball + giving Huddersfield the freedom of the wings will always = getting over run. We deliberately left the wings empty to try and stay compact but we just played into Huddersfield's hands. It was quite clear Huddersfield were exploiting the space we left them, I still can't get my head around why Holden didn't change it. They were quite clearly just following instructions. Holden tactics were at fault yesterday, got it very wrong imo.
  5. Yup, thing is you can't even defend it because it's the same thing every week. Returning players from injure won't fix our problems, it's deeper rooted than that!
  6. Looking like another one of those games where one moment of quality will win it.
  7. Right here we go. Breaking the numbers down a little bit more. Chances are based off the last 12 seasons shown in the table in the op. 1st place average finish after 12 games: 5th However the two outliner season finishes of 06/07 (19th) and 11/12 (15th) bring this down, remove those and it's 3rd place average finish. Chance of finishing in autos: 54.48% Chance of finishing in the playoffs: 22.7% Chance of playoffs or better: 77.18% Chance of promotion from playoffs 0%!!! Chance of promotion: 54.48% Shockingly no team has got promoted through the playoffs from being 1st at this point! 2nd place: 3rd/4th (3.5 actual). Chance of finishing in autos: 54.48% Chance of finishing in playoffs: 22.7% Chance of playoffs or better: 77.18% Chance of promotion from playoffs: 20% Chance of promotion: 59.02% Surprising that it seems to make little difference to teams in 1st or 2nd at this stage except for two things. Firstly, 2nd place has gone on to win the league more often (10) than 1st place (6). Second, only four times has a team from 3rd place finished in the top two after twelve games! 1st and 2nd have finished in the playoffs 5 times each, only once has one team won the playoffs between them, that being Ipwisch in 00/01 being 2nd at this point and finishing 3rd. 3rd Place average finish: 6th Chance of finishing in autos: 18.16% Chance of finishing in playoffs: 36.32% Chance of playoffs or better: 54.48% Chance of promotion from playoffs: 37.5% Chance of promotion: 31.78% So at this point we've got about a 1 in 3 chance of promotion at this point over the last twelve seasons.
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