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  1. Bailey Wright is playing for Australia and dominating the Peru attack which only goes to show how poor the 2 teams are. Still goalless and going to extra time.
  2. Have to say I agree with this. However, this season there were quite a few penalties given for similar tackles in the EPL. Though that probably shows a difference in interpretation between refs in England and the rest of Europe where they probably take intent into account.
  3. Surely a penalty to Ukraine?
  4. We March 67 I think 1-1 vs Ipswich who were 1st Division Champions only 5 years earlier. I think I spent most of the game wondering why all the adults around me were swearing and getting agitated at the sight of 22 men running around chasing a ball.
  5. They were brilliant if I remember correctly. Wrexham had a great team back then with players such as Dixie McNeil and Mickey Thomas so it was no surprise to lose the replay.
  6. Though on the plus side, they hopefully won't use Hollowface.
  7. ITV4 doesn't have an HD channel on Freeview unlike Quest so the picture quality will be far worse for customers who don't have Sky.
  8. What really scares me (being around that age) is ending up in a care home somewhere next to these guys. Obviously age doesn’t seem to have mellowed them and I can see them acting exactly the same way as they waddle around on their Zimmer frames.
  9. That’s the type of goal normally scored against us.
  10. Should have brought him on at half time. Wales have started to panic.
  11. I don’t moan about VAR so I think I have a right to moan about the linesman. Livermore’s boot was offside when the pass was made. But then again, if there was VAR Bentley would probably have been sent off for punching their player in the face.
  12. Stoke fans not happy on their forum with their former manager’s team winning
  13. Here's the link to that article again.. https://www.football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2021/wp364/en/ The stats seem to point out that we are around 50% more unlikely to get a penalty than any other club in the division.
  14. That was Piers Corbyns company. Well the best that can be said for him is that at least he’s been consistent with his production of bullshit over the years.
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