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  1. Oops, Conor Benn fight gone already, (he has Covid) pity, I was looking forward to that , he's looking to get on the Boatsi card.
  2. Got a feeling the new guy won't be there that long, but what do I know?
  3. Yes, his new name is Winston DeGeneres.
  4. The Olympics competitors have changed over the years, now when they win a medal they aren't really happy, they collapse in floods of tears. They don't train very hard anymore, they go on a journey, they don't compete for any financial or intellectual benefit, they do so to give the new generation the insperation to do the same thing .
  5. The trouble is alot of these 'super computers 'are Gasheads, Blue, deeper Blue etc. Our one is from the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy Which postulated we would finish 42nd or something, what a pile of junk..
  6. Wasn't their a lady that used to stand around there that used to wear a crochet hat with alot of metal badges on?
  7. Sky puts us below Luton on the promotion stakes, I doesn't feel good TBH.
  8. Tight, AWJ not only dislocated his shoulder but also changed in to Cortney Laws...
  9. Currys cheap shot on Faff.. Not a great start....
  10. FFS someone lend the commentator an umbrella
  11. What does the Lions fans think of Marius Jonker getting to ref all three tests?
  12. If he did he'd probably sprain his wallet and have another season injured..
  13. Not really due to his appearance more the fact that he wasted 100+m not getting them back to the prem.. His favourite fishing rod is a Shakespeare Ugli Stick..
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