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  1. Christ, the BBC And impartially, that's a new one..
  2. Arn't they supposed to be neutral?
  3. Picturesque brutality.... Our time to shine????
  4. Always thought of him as the pinball Wizard with Tina Turner as the acid queen...
  5. It's very difficult to hide his and Don Goodman's almost visceral hatred of Bristol City .
  6. Bloody Wolves, gashead Hibbitt was playing for them, I think they'd just came up and Derrick Doogan had retired at that time...
  7. Only seven City fans saw that game, the rest couldn't see a f****** thing ..
  8. C'est le vie say the old Folks, it goes to show you never can tell ... I have to remember it's Vaga not Kompanny....
  9. He sees the Red House going down ...
  10. Sky: " Leach gets no drift, everything's predictable...... Ooh, he's got a wicket..."
  11. 38 years ago, that's ridiculous, I remember Barry McGuigan should have fought Steve Cruz in this slot, but took more money to fighr earlier when it was 20 degrees hotter, a terrible mistake...
  12. Christ ( I shouldn't blaspheme) I put the rerun of the test rather than watch our so called football squad get humiliated...
  13. FM Bowens poor....
  14. Don't worry OX I only got 12/1....
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