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  1. Join the queue son, I, like alot of people have stood there with a mirriad of selections, it makes no difference who we get, we'll still buy Ashton's players...
  2. Oh god, apocalypse now's bowling..
  3. Where are we chaps? If we need anymore than 275 are we doomed?
  4. Just gunna say they started well and Pope gets a snorter....
  5. I've looked, he's not in the betting ATM.
  6. I've heard more '"upbeat" Gregorian chants Maj...
  7. Woo hoo, not as good as Man U or Rovers, but not bad...
  8. FM: Billings is 29!! How time flies. My 275 estimate is fairly Conservative as well...
  9. I S'pose the thinking was get us off to a great start so the youngsters following have less pressure. Agree about Bairstow/Roy, final total 275?
  10. I think the main concern is good players are queuing up to play in the one day team, hope he's made his mark...
  11. See I told you, I'd jinx him, nice 50, but could have been alot better..
  12. Didn't want to jinx him, time to fill his boots..
  13. TBH, I still haven't forgiven Lumsden for selling Bob Taylor, so probably a bit biast.
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