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  1. I felt the same about Webster and Hartley. One of our greatest, Gerry Gow would have been sold before we ever went up, as well as Streaky and Cheese.. A different time..
  2. I remember thinking at the time, he'll benefit from the experience of his first season, but sadly not with us .
  3. Graeish was a great player for you, would you put him as the best player in the last 50 years? Bairing in mind you won in Europe during that period
  4. Gregor always comes across well on OSIB, And NP seems to dislike that aspect of his job..
  5. If this promotion means she doesn't have to cover Rovers matches, she must be ecstatic...
  6. True, Sky bet still has India odds against.
  7. So what, you were still effing lucky, someone has to benefit from a cock up like that, it just happened to be you, I'm glad it was you as we don't have to endure the Sky w******* when your on TV every week.
  8. No good shaking your head Lawrence, you did it ..
  9. I think England had to backtrack and say it was down to rotation..
  10. I'm not sure Root feels the same Kid, near the end of his last spell in the test team, he couldn't tie an end down, but now I'd prefer him to a couple of part timers ..
  11. England's top order frailty can't go on much longer can it?
  12. No Leech again, how predictable...
  13. RIP Terry, a great manager and a great man.
  14. I hope so mate, I think the high performance centre was put in place to make the U23's and the first team more interchangable in as much as is beneficial to the first team...
  15. Mid rounds, perfect.. Wood thinking, can I fight you every time...
  16. Lee had the great redeamer... McCarthy needs it now...
  17. Got CBS by three going into the ninth.
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