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  1. Tick tock,.. "We're coming for you..." the blue half of Bristol... Etc.
  2. They've had some effing luck... Will. It run out now...
  3. Mind you, the lap of honour's a bit ****
  4. Poor Man U, the Saudi's would have been a great fit ..
  5. If we contrive to lose this Pearson will go ballistic. ..
  6. Like us, last season's failings hasn't taken long to resurface. McTominay lost the ball and just jogged back down the pitch without a care in the world. .
  7. Hearts did an us, and conceded in the last minute.. Funny as **** watching Man U trying to play football .
  8. Agree, my favourite Somerset game was at Lord's v Notts, in the B&H Viv decided it was a Viv day and pretty much knocked the runs off on his own ..
  9. What was it, Bassett said I wouldn't graze horses on that pitch after an American football game.....
  10. To fully assimilate yourself, dress as a milkman. Enter you local pub and shout " Ted, you've forgot your brick... they'll love that. OR you might get knee capped, one of the two.
  11. Oh for simpler times when we all used to pile around Aiden Flints with cocaine and Vodka...
  12. Why has his opponent got a swimming cap on???
  13. Oh dear, Kelly's losing but will get the decision.....
  14. Who matched him with Eastville's finest????
  15. Chamberlain's taken his best shots..
  16. Adam Smith got one right, this is a classic in the making...
  17. Hard to say how this one will end up....
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