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  1. Jim Davey

    No knee

    ok and whos fault is it that everything is stacked against them ?
  2. Jim Davey

    No knee

    and thats my fault for being white is it .
  3. Jim Davey

    No knee

    white privelige got to be one of the biggest myths of the 21st century.
  4. 1970 addidas telstar best football ever invented
  5. ha ha ferking knobheads they never learn do they , and they wonder why their every ones favourite team (to laugh at ).
  6. nearly finished so ive been told just the seat numbers and the new santas grotto to be fitted and thats it.
  7. think most of south america is pretty much one big basket case.
  8. think they took 3,000 last time they played up there, its what they do
  9. ha ha weirdos they really are are stupid little club
  10. its a bit like having a wife and a tidy bit of crumpet on the side.
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