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  1. and turn it into a shithole like everywhere they go.
  2. Theve upgraded to the super deluxe model of what ever its supposed to be.
  3. some people on this forum might be better of going and supporting Brazil or West Germany or something
  4. Good old blackthorn Barry and chums up to their usual tricks again .
  5. seems like it . yep scumbags.
  6. if they beat us they would claim their coming for us
  7. wonder how much they paid for it ?
  8. was that the season they got relagated to the Bannarama leauge
  9. I was stood in the enclosure that night right next to them pikey ***** ,flipping briliant night.
  10. Their just finishing fitting the last of the seats
  11. looking forward to todays edition of Joey say's
  12. flipping cycalists hogging all the railway tracks flipping cycalists hogging all the railway tracks
  13. always get crawley and Stevenage mixed up is crawley the ground with a tent down one side of the pitch?
  14. ive been in pubs in london when they used to come round collecting money for the cause ,seen enough irish people putting money in the bag .
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