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  1. Scotland now going to take the knee with England for the match at Wembley. A message from Steve Clarke | Scotland | News (scottishfa.co.uk)
  2. like booing people taking the knee you mean?
  3. I think the issue is that the idea of the gesture being political is being used, propagated and persisted with by one group of people only (the people that want taking the knee to stop everywhere/are booing it). To me, the reasons of those taking the action are the ones that should be listened to, not the suppositions of others outside. Ostensibly, looking at the arguments if we give both sides the benefit of the doubt, the footballers who are taking the knee and those who are booing the knee or want it to stop, they both say that they want racial injustices to stop. So if we take it as a given they want the same thing... What rankles is that the group who want it to stop actively, want to interfere with the players free choice and their chosen method of taking the knee as their anti-racism message. It's this kind of 'protest against racism our way, or don't do it at all!' attitude that I personally think is wrong.
  4. Are we STILL on the 'it's political' argument. When the players taking the knee, and the managers, and the pfa, and the fa have all consistently put out the message for over a year that it is not political. Yet a certain group of people persist with saying it is repeatedly. Why is this? What is the need to keep up this falsehood. If the footballers aren't doing it for the political reasons you think, then what's the problem? As you can see from this thread, no one has a problem with Brentford not taking the knee. It's their choice. Yet some have a real problem with those who still choose to take it.
  5. That's a very inaccurate overview of the other thread. I'd suggest anyone to go and actually read that thread before you believe a word of this. We seem to always end up in this upside-down world where apparently those who are booing a group of young players of different races fighting for equality are the tolerant ones. Those who point out the logical fallicies in this action are intolerant. It is NOT elitism ask people to justify their arguments. It is not elitism to expect people to substantiate their claims. When you take a position that you cannot coherently justify or make claims you cannot substantiate, THAT is why you are treated with ridicule.
  6. I doubt they will be alone in this. Different players and different dressing rooms will discuss it and decide different courses of action I am sure, some will be emboldened to continue, others will prefer to take other courses of action. I would have thought though that if we are in a situation where some clubs do take the knee, others don't, then it will lose some impact and therefore start to disappear as time goes on.
  7. When I looked up the stats it basically confirmed this
  8. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/dear-england-gareth-southgate-euros-soccer
  9. Interestingly there are 7 city players who appeared in 40 or more league games last season: Bentley : 43 starts Famara: 23 starts, 17 off the bench Hunt: 37 starts, 4 off the bench Kalas: 38 starts, 2 off the bench Semenyo: 24 starts, 20 off the bench Vyner: 38 starts, 5 off the bench Wells: 36 starts, 10 off the bench.
  10. I heard that JWP skimped on his homework reading of 'Das Capital' before the last England meetup which put him in the bad books of Comrade Southgate. Comrade Mings is obviously a true revolutionary.
  11. You are making a big assumption there, that is that Lineker is going after a reaction. He is stating his opinion, making it clear his support for the England footballers taking the knee, yet clearly you are taking it as a provocation, which says more about you than them. The whole purpose of the action is to try and stop divisions in society, yet bizarrely the argument has become if you criticise those who are booing people trying to highlight the divisions in society, then you yourself are now causing the division. STOP trying to stop division, you are causing more division! I'll ask again because you didn't answer, could you please state what the 'True Agenda' is?
  12. How does it show what you are saying it shows? Please explain what the political point scoring and True agenda are that you see?
  13. Bowen has said he's 'English through and through' so I think that's a pretty clear indicator. I agree on the Morrell front, his establishment as a 1st choice pick in the side is quite and achievement. It should be noted that he's keeping out players like Will Vaulks who played 42 times for Cardiff this season and is rumored to be moving to the prem (Newcastle). With a country the size of Wales, it's never going to have a pool of players like England, I don't think anyone is saying Joe Morrell is the same level as a Declan Rice or Mason Mount, but that doesn't take away from the acheivement in starting for his country in a major tournament (as I think he will do next Saturday).
  14. Don't think the manager has said anything about it, but the Wales team took the knee (no boos) against Albania yesterday, so I'm assuming they will be during the Euros.
  15. Absolutely, was a post in admiration. As I saw on twitter last night, the France U-21 squad would probably have beaten Wales last night too such is the talent they have. One of the things that makes it difficult (in my opinion) for players to develop the same skill-set and footballing intelligence in this country is the focus on physicality in the lower leagues. There are plenty of our academy players for example that look technically very good when I have seen them, however I'd wager many would get bullied out of the game in league 1/2. Take Massengo for example, looked excellent when he first arrived. Was asked to bulk up a lot in order to deal with the demands of the Championship (which he did) and then seemed to lose what he had arrived with in terms of his game for a while. Only towards the back end of last season did I think we started to see the player he could be again.
  16. Didn't do too badly last night, considering Wales played most of the game with 10 men against the world champions. Made a few nice bursts forward too and can pick a pass. Spent most of the time chasing down that french midfield as you might expect though. The commentator actually said at 0-0 that Morrell didn't look out of place up against pogba, rabiot & tolisso which made me chuckle, obviously nowhere near that standard, but far from embarrassed himself either. On an unrelated note, the French squad has outrageous quality & depth! Surely the tournament favorites?
  17. Yeah that's fair. Maybe it's my uneducated eye, but I'd put Massengo, Morrell and Nagy down as similar 'busy bee' style players. They are all energetic, like a tackle and are fairly neat on the ball, but ultimately lack much creativity and can get bullied in the championship at times. Whether Massengo is the best right now I think is debatable, but I think that it's fairly certain that Massengo will be the best out of the 3 when he develops more. In short it made sense to get rid of one of either Morrell and Nagy to me as no way would you really want to play those players together in midfield.
  18. What a daft comment. You genuinely think that a team with Ramsey (Juventus - Serie A) Dan James (Man Utd - Prem) Tyler Roberts (Leeds - Prem) Ampadu - (Chelsea/Sheff U - prem) Kieffer Moore (4th top scorer in champ) Harry wilson =3rd top assists in champ. Joe Rodon (Spurs - Prem) Ben Davies (Spurs - Prem) Neco Williams (Liverpool - Prem), Cabango/Mepham (top end champ) before you even get to Bale would finish lower Championship or League 1 standard! Morrell is a tidy midfielder and tenacious, needs to be played with other players with complimentary strengths e.g. Ampadu with wales who is more physical/taller and an 8/10 like Ramsey/Wilson who can be more free and creative. He is the glue and the worker rather than one that does anything too spectacular. Would have liked to see him in a 3 here with a more physical player like Williams (if not injured) and someone more creative like Palmer in the more attacking/free role. One of the biggest problems with our midfield this season (in my opinion) is not that the individual players are particularly bad, we just never had the right balance between their different strengths. We were always either a) not physical enough b) not tidy enough or c) not creative enough depending on who was picked in there.
  19. Bale - Vs Russia Euro 2016. KDB - Was incredible at AG. Shane Williams (Rugby) - Incredible for a small man in a big mans game - just looked like something would happen every time he had the ball in hand.
  20. I don't like the idea of both Massengo/Palmer as wings, means not enough pace or width. If we went with your lineup I'd switch it to a 4141 with Vyner sitting, Nagy and Massengo as the 2 8's and Semenyo on the right. However it's worked in the last 2 games with 2 up top so I think instead I'd play either palmer or massengo on the left and adelukan/semenyo on the right with Wells and Fammy or Martin up top depending on who has recovered better by Wed (we'll spend a lot of time without the ball so I think fresh legs up front will be good as they have to work very hard in this formation).
  21. For me if we continue with this formation, particularly with Fam and Martin as the front 2 then I think it's about having the right combination on both wings rather than necessarily playing the best 2 'wingers'. So whilst neither was perfect today, I liked the combination of palmer and adelakun as palmer naturally comes deeper and inside and wants to play the pass whilst adelakun can either pull out wide or run in behind with pace. Similar with massengo, wants to come deeper and inside rather than run in behind and outside, whilst semenyo on the right can do the job adelukan did today (provide more width or run in behind) which is especially important when neither martin nor fam are quick enough to cause too many problems in behind. It almost means that we become more a lopsided 4-3-3 in attack and a more conventional 442 in defence (or at least that is what I thought I was seeing today). So for me, whilst I think they all have merits, i wouldn't play adelakun&semenyo or Palmer&Massengo as combinations, but instead Adelakun or Semenyo & Palmer or Massengo, similarly when fit it could also be pato inside left with weimann wide right running in behind. Oh and IMO, never play Wells out wide!
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